Thursday, March 17, 2016

King Salman awards 6,300 Special Cars to Disabled People

Developed countries around the world offer special privileges, exemptions, facilities and services to the disabled or those with special needs in their countries in the form of subsidies, special permits, discounts etc.  Such a move had also been taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia some time back when they provided those people with special needs or any disability, with custom made specially designed vehicles which were made keeping their needs in mind. The Ministry of Social Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked upon the implementation of a royal order which calls for a release from the mortgages of vehicles which have been granted to the disabled people in accordance to the defined and specified calibers, and also to complete all of the procedures which are linked to these vehicles through the directorates of traffic across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be taking into consideration the complete best interests of the beneficiaries in mind.

Abdullah Al Muaiqeel, who is the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Social Affairs for the family and social welfare sector, has stated that the approval made by King Salman, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques which is involving the release of mortgages of around 6300 specially designed vehicle. The regulations which had been setup previously had stipulated that these vehicles could not be sold for up to five years. This statement was made by Undersecretary Al Muaiqeel. The Undersecretary laid great stress on the fact that the Ministry of Social Affairs knows of the suffering which some of the families which benefitted from these vehicle subsidies were going through due to the death of the primary beneficiaries for example, or the fact that these vehicles or not suitable to use or are of any other good, other than helping out the disabled people.

It is therefore, that the Ministry of Labor had submitted several requests to the Royal Court in order to release the mortgages for those special designed vehicles which would enable the beneficiaries to take any necessary action with the vehicle as and when it is required. This statement was also stated by the Undersecretary Al Muaiqeel. This is definitely a good move by the Ministry of Labor and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has brought additional relief to several disabled people who had been already been receiving the relief from the Kingdom and the Ministry of Labor in the form of the specially designed vehicle.

This new move has allowed the beneficiaries of these vehicles to remove from upon them a burden which was becoming greater than the relief that it has or had provided to them or their deceased family members. This move truly shows the compassion and care that both the Kingdom and the government authorities feel towards their citizens and treat them with the utmost care and respect. This is a great example by the leaders of the Kingdom to show how far they are going to go to serve their people.

Source: Arab News

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