Saturday, March 19, 2016

Man leaves his family in the engine running car, thief takes it away

All of us who have a bank account, usually also have an ATM or automated teller machine card. We use these extremely convenient cards to withdraw money from numerous ATM machines located all over the country or in some cases, even around the world. These cards allow us to access the cash in our bank accounts, around the clock and also without having to go into any branch of our bank and withdrawing cash from the rather old school method. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one habit which is associated with the use of ATM machines is leaving the engine of your car running and also keeping the AC running and keeping the door slightly ajar in order to avoid getting locked out of your own car.

Well although this practice seems to be extremely simple and harmless, there is something very dangerous which can happen when somebody does this. This is especially more so if there is a child or woman in the backseat of your car. Such an incident had happened recently in Tabuk. A video which had been recorded by a passerby and subsequently posted on several social media websites and platforms, managed to get a lot of attention, or in today’s language it went viral. The video in question had shown a woman getting off her car which was parked but the engine was still running, which allowed a thief to take control of the wheel and take off with the vehicle as soon as the woman exited the car.

In accordance to the local media of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the driver of the female’s car left the engine of the car running when he went to get something. It should also be noted that the windows of the vehicle had peen tinted and nothing could be seen inside; not even the woman who was sitting in the back seat of the car. The car thief immediately got into the car to drive away, however the woman immediately noticed this strange man getting into her car and she promptly exited the vehicle and started to raise an alarm. The car thief must have been shook up by this and decided to flee the scene with car.

In the video which was recorded by the passerby, it can be clearly seen that the car thief even tried to run the woman over with her own car, however the car thief failed and drove off with the vehicle, without endangering the life of the woman or any other person in the vicinity.

This video can serve as an example to all those who partake in such an activity, as to how endangering it can actually be for the owner of the car, and any other passengers that might be with him in the vehicle. People should shut off their cars, lock the doors, check your surroundings and then proceed to go to the ATM machines or wherever it is that they want to go.

Source: Arab News

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