Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our Society underestimates the children’s access to Adult Sites - Saudi Psychologist

In a world connected by the Internet, it is truly impossible to completely monitor all the sites on the internet that the children have easy access to. Keeping the dangers of pormography sites in mind and also the efforts done by the respective authorities in order to block the access, these sites are still easily accessible. Links to pormographic material can easily end up in your email via spam mail. Secondly social media platforms which are used by all of us have pages or groups based on pormography. A recent study indicates that the pormography sites have around 28,000 visitors per second, most of them are between the age of 18 and 24. Additionally around 32 percent of all visitors to porm sites are above the age of 55.

An associate professor of psychology, Dr. Muhammad Al Qahtani stated that the porm sites are similar to other sites in terms of their marketing strategies and they aim to reach the most number of people possible. The porm sites usually target teens as they are gullible. Adults can control their instincts but most teens cannot. Additionally when puberty hits, sexual hormones take over the body. Frequent exposure to these sites can make teens easily addicted. In accordance to Dr. Qahtani, the more frequently pormographic material is watched by the teen, the more they will feel exhausted due to being aroused all the time. With time the teen will stop focusing on education and will always be mentally tired.

Watching a large amount of pormography will turn the person into an introvert. It will also increase depression and sadness in the person. This will in turn lead to a decline in the productiveness of the individual and will also reduce the communication skills. He urged the teachers and parents to raise awareness amongst the students by discussing the dangers of watching porm. The respective authorities should be making more efforts to completely block access to these sites as this leads to teenagers becoming perverts.

A criminology professor, Dr. Salih Al Aqeel stated that viewing porm is often associated with drugs and crime, all of which are rapidly spreading in every society including the Arab society. The people running these porm sites do not care about the negative impact on the youth and the shaking of old customs and strong values amongst them. There needs to be a serious mechanism put into place which will ensure these types of sites are not accessible.

All those who view this type of content should be aware that Islam does not permit it and that Allah is always watching them. The enhancement of self control amongst the people will not be easy and will need a lot of patience and effort, all of which the teens of today are completely lacking. Those parents who are both working have a harder time keeping a check on their children, allowing them to access this sort of pormographic material with ease.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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