Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Philippine Embassy sued a Saudi Company for delaying salaries of Filipino Workers

The Embassy of the Philippines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a Saudi based company to court. The Philippines Embassy sued the company as it had not paid around 2000 of their Filipino employees their wages and salaries. The Ambassador of the Philippines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ezzedin H. Tago stated that the relationship found between the people of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a good one. The Ambassador stated that the embassy rarely, if ever, receives any sort of complaint from the Filipino expatriates working in the Kingdom.

Tago added that the case with the Saudi company is a rare occurrence. He added that the Embassy has sued the Saudi based company as they have delayed payment to thousands of Filipinos. The Ambassador also stated that the Embassy is being represented by a Saudi lawyer and the case is currently pending in court and they are eagerly waiting for the court to come to a verdict. The President of the Philippines, Benigno S. Aquino III will also be paying an official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia very soon.

The Embassy is currently organizing the visit of the President and aim to hold a meeting between the President and King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman. The Ambassador stated that the Philippine is highly interested in continuing their positive relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially the immense contribution by the Filipino expatriate people in the Labor Market in Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Tago added that the Ministry of Labor in the Philippines is completely aware of the delay due to Ramadan in the Filipino Housemaids.

The Ambassador added that since there is such a high demand for the Filipino housemaids that there are not enough housemaids to provide to everybody. Additionally the processes which are necessary in the hiring of Filipino maids are so extensive that they are also causing delays. The Ministry of Labor in the Philippines has been doing their best in order to speed up the process. Additionally the ministry of Labor in the Philippines does not just send anybody to work in the Kingdom. First the Ministry verifies that all of the Filipinos who are being sent to work in the Kingdom are completely conforming to the regulations set out by the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia in terms of the qualifications and the status of health.

The ministries of Labor in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia are holding meetings on an annual basis in order to improve and discuss upon the process of recruitment between the two countries. Ambassador Tago stated that there are currently 720,000 expatriates of Filipino origin in the Kingdom and currently 50,000 visas had been issued to the OFWs too. With such a huge volume of workers from the Philippines working in the Kingdom, it is the duty of the authorities in the Kingdom to ensure that the Filipino workers are looked after.

Source: Al Arabiya

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