Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sale of Partially Empty Gas Cylinders is on the rise

In certain countries, when winter is approaching, it is not uncommon to see the supply of gas diminish or be scheduled. In other places however gas supply is done mainly via gas cylinders. Such is the case in some places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With winter here, we are all looking forward to being warm through our gas heaters or central water heater system in our homes. When we purchase the cylinder of gas we are expecting it to last a few days and provide us with warmth and gas to cook. However when you find out that the gas cylinder you have just purchased is in fact empty, you will certainly not be pleased about it.

Reports are coming in that a huge number of empty gas cylinders are now being sold via fraudulent methods at various shops in the Kingdom. This has in turn created uproar amongst the consumers. These incidents have mainly been reported from the Rafida, Khamis Mushayet Governorates. The citizens of these governorates have demanded an immediate intervention by the Commerce Ministry through their branch located in this area in order to stop such fraudulent activities. The citizens had lodged complaints about this deceptive and wrongful behavior from the seller of these gas cylinders and have also demanded an investigation into how it is that these empty gas cylinders managed to reach the markets.

The consumers have also demanded that investigations should be conducted under a logical manner and also in accordance with the gas companies. This pressing issue had been reported by the national media on Friday morning. The reports found in the newspaper claimed that several of the empty gas cylinders had gone through repackaging in one of the shops, and the labels placed on them showed that they were full.

The citizens of the area Nasser Al Shihrani, Khaled Bin Ali and Hussien Al Qahtani have stated that the gas companies are also partly to be blamed due to the fact that they are simply not doing enough to put an end to such a practice. These citizens stated that these practices done by the sellers are peculiar and are equivalent to commercial fraud under the laws of the Kingdom.  These citizens stated that they demand a thorough investigation into the activities of the gas companies as well as their distributors in order to discover as to how such a huge number of empty cylinders had reached the market.

Al Shihrani stated that following this, there is hope that some action will be taken against those individuals or groups who are behind these fraudulent activities and are working against the people of the Kingdom. It is through these actions that such deceptive actions and these fraudulent people will be deterred from doing any such thing ever again in the future. When consumers pay for something and they are cheated out of it, they are entitled to get what is essentially theirs and the authorities in the Kingdom will surely get to the bottom of this.

Source: Arab News

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