Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saudi government allows Syrian people living on Visit Visa to Work in Saudi Arabia

All of the Syrian national people who are currently staying in the Kingdom on a visit visa will shortly be granted a work permit of temporary basis and they will be allowed to take up jobs in the private sector. The report was initially made by the Al Hayat Newspaper in which they quoted a source from the Ministry of Labor. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made several exemptions to the Syrian people, who had just recently arrived in the Kingdom on visit Visas in order to avoid the war and destruction that is going on back in their homeland. Additionally the Kingdom has also issued a royal order which called for a change in residence status of the Yemeni people in the Kingdom.

Both the Yemenis and Syrians are now also entitled to receive medical treatment at the government operated hospitals free of charge and can also avail the education facilities. Citizens of the three following nationalities had been given certain special privileges keeping in mind the political and civil unrest which have engulfed their native land. By a decision made by the Council of Ministers, the nationals from Palestine (those holding the Laissez-Passer from Egypt), Turkistan and Burma will not be deported out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The source at the Ministry of Labor also stated that those Syrians who are currently living inside the Kingdom will be divided into two main categories; one will be those expatriates who hold regular residence permits or more commonly known as Iqamas, and the other category would be comprised of those who are currently in the Kingdom on a visit visa. Keeping in mind the problems being faced in Syria, the Syrian expatriates have now been allowed to have their Iqama transferred to any other employer, without the prior consent of their original sponsor, only if they are being sent on final exit visas.

Those Syrians who are currently holding visit visas will be issued temporary permits to work, which will allow them to gain employment within the private sector only.  A tripartite committee which consisted of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been working out a mechanism which will allow all those Syrians who visit the Kingdom on a visit visa, to be issued temporary work permits.

The source at the Ministry of Labor stated that the mechanism has been almost completed. He also explained that all those Syrians who will be visiting the Kingdom will be treated in the same way to all the Yemenis who had stayed in the Kingdom prior to April of 2015 and who are now also holding the Visitors ID after having their residence status corrected. This new move, in a series of moves, by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is truly a beneficial step to help out the people of these countries which face great problems and challenges. It is sad however that no major western or global news house is highlighting this.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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