Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Saudi Groom caught wearing Fake Eyelashes – Marriage Called Off

News channels have covered strange news few days back stating that a marriage was called off due to fake eye lashes of groom. The incident happened at the engagement ceremony of a couple when the bride’s brother found that the groom was wearing fake eye lashes which caused tears to roll down of his eyes and he was feeling irritation too. The bride’s brother got suspicious about groom and asked in curiosity that why he is having irritation in eyes and avoiding to rub eyes. The groom immediately removed fake eyelashes and told bride’s brother that it was just due to a bet. It did not satisfy bride’s brother and he showed serious reaction.

Understanding the sensitivity of matter, the groom explained the whole thing to his to be brother-in-law that his brothers had challenged him that he can’t wear fake eye lashes on his engagement ceremony.  He accepted the challenge and told them that he is dare enough to wear fake eye lashes and assured as well that it would not make any difference. He was quiet confident that he will win the challenge and no one will notice that he is wearing eye lashes. But unfortunately bride’s overly sensitive brother not only observed deeply but also involved his father and other brothers. Everyone was shocked to hear when bride’s father called off the marriage after visiting gent hall where he asked groom to show him fake eye lashes. As a gesture of obedience, the groom took fake eye lashes out of his pocket and showed it to his former in laws.

The bride’s father did not take even a single minute to let groom explain the matter and called of the marriage in last minute. His decision shocked everyone and the groom’s family had to bear sheer disappointment and humiliation. The incident got viral on social media and people shared their concern over the matter. The sister of the groom told the media that the whole incident happened due to stupid challenge of her brothers who asked the groom to wear fake eye lashes if he is dare enough.

The groom out of joke accepted the challenge and wore fake eye lashes. The lashes caused irritation to his eyes and he got noticed by bride’s brother. The problem started that moment otherwise everything was going smooth. She told that her family was unaware of the whole matter even when bride’s father called of the wedding. When we were informed it was too late and we left in complete shock. The mother of groom could not bear the bad news and fell down and immediately taken to hospital.

She accepted that the behavior of her brothers was childish but bride’s family did not also act sanely. They called groom’s family to leave even in the presence of their worthy guests and did not let them even explain the matter. Social media users criticized both parties for such immature and childish behavior.

Source: Gulf News

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