Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saudi man arrested for torturing a donkey to Death

The police in the Al Bahah, which is located in the southwestern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have recently arrested a person under the crime of torturing a donkey. Saeed Saleh Trad. The spokesman for the Al Bahah police stated that they had been successfully able in the identification of the suspect after a complaint had been filed by a Saudi individual, in which information about the torture being done on the donkey. The torturer had been arrested and also held under custody until there were further investigations into the matter. A formal investigation had been launched after the man in question, stated that his donkey was tied to a car and was subsequently dragged around for quite some time on the rugged, burning asphalt of the Kingdom.

The complainant stated that the donkey has suffered extensive injuries after the inhumane torture was done on him. It is also reported that the donkey did not survive the injuries it had received and subsequently died while under care. This news has caused a serious backlash on nearly all active social media platforms where social media activists, citizens and animal rights groups have all called upon the implementation of the “eye for an eye” principle for the deranged human being who made the donkey go through inhumane and unthinkable torture which ultimately lead to its unfortunate death. A social media user by the name of Ahmad stated that he was certain that the torturer of the poor donkey would be made to suffer equally or even more than what the poor animal had to go through.

Ahmad also asked whether the deranged man actually thought that he could easily get away, with such a horrifying attitude. Even if the man is not punished under the most extreme conditions by the people on this earth, surely he will be put through the worst form of punishment by God.  The religion of Islam has strictly forbidden the abuse on any animals, and / or even assisting or playing as minor part in the torture or abuse of any animal. Not only is it a sin in Islam, it is looked down upon in society; hence the man who conducted such a heinous act is a loser in both this world and the next.

Another social media user by the name of Al Abdallah stated that there should not be under any circumstance and tolerance or forgiveness for any person who commits such a violent and cruel act against any animal. He adds that the punishment put upon the man should be extremely severe, so that any other deranged individuals like him to think it is alright to torture any animal would have a clear vision of the aftermath which awaited them if they chose to do such a thing.

Anybody who does not have compassion towards animals and someone who can torture animals without any emotion or sentiment should be reprimanded and punished similarly. This is truly a sorry incident, and no living thing should have to endure such torture.

Source: Gulf News

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