Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saudi Woman stopped a running car when Driver had Heart Attack

A female teacher here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just prevented what could very well be a potentially tragic and massive accident. This female teacher avoided such a scenario by taking control of the steering wheel of a moving car after the school driver had suffered a heart attack while driving and subsequently passed out. The heroic teacher Amani Al Mansour has stated after the incident that she had been forced to take some action when she discovered that the driver of their vehicle had lost consciousness. The vehicle had been travelling back from the Awthal Center which is located just west of Qassim, towards the Aziziyah Al Tarmas. The news was initially reported by an online media publication. It was also later learned that the driver of the vehicle sadly passed away.

Al Mansour stated that she noticed the vehicle was veering or changing lanes very sharply and had also managed to cross over to the oncoming lane headed right for the oncoming traffic. When Al Mansour checked on the driver, he had been limped towards his right shoulder and his foot was jammed on to the accelerator. She added that as soon as they found out, both of her colleagues who had been travelling with her in the same vehicle became extremely frightened and even started crying. Al Mansour then proceeded to move into the front seat and took control of the moving vehicle. Amazingly, Al Mansour added that she does not know how to drive, yet she used her instinct to save herself, her colleagues and the driver.

Al Mansour somehow managed to gain control over the car and steer clear of the trucks which were coming head on towards the car on a collision course. She then proceeded to shut off the engine of the car and the vehicle slowed down and finally halted soon after on the right side of a busy road. As soon as the vehicle came to a complete stop, Al Mansour and her fellow colleagues tried to help the driver of the vehicle. The three women even managed to flag down other motorists; however all of them refused to help the unconscious driver of the vehicle, and said that he would recover shortly.

Al Mansour then called the principal of the school she was employed in, and also the Director of Education in Qusaiba, who finally provided some assistance to the scared and shocked teachers. All three of the teachers including Al Mansour were sent home, however they were still in a shocked state. Al Mansour states that shortly afterwards she also learnt that the driver of the vehicle had passed away in a nearby hospital. 

What Al Mansour did was truly nothing short of heroic and saved her life and her colleagues too. If she had not done what she had done, the oncoming trucks would have collided with the car, greatly injuring or even causing certain death. It was sad to hear about the death of the driver and it shows that death can come at any time.

Source: Arab News

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