Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saudi Women are allowed to work in Airline Catering

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just made an announcement in which they have stated that the Ministry has opened the doors or allowed all the Saudi women to now be employed in the airline catering sector. Abdulmunim Al Shihry, the Private Programs Deputy Labor Minister stated that the ministry has been cooperating with the Saudi Airlines Catering in order to offer employment opportunities to the Saudi women. The Ministry of Labor has aimed to provide a healthy and safe environment in order for the Saudi women to work.

The Ministry of Labor has cooperated with the Human Resources Fund, General Organization for Social Insurance and the Technical and Vocational Training center in order to provide all the Saudi women with the best or optimal work opportunities as well as the best of training available. This statement was made by Al Shihry. Al Shihry also added that the Ministry of Labor has offered a significant amount of aid in order to help the Saudi women to find opportunities of employment in the private sector. The Ministry of Labor is currently offering financial aid to the trainees as well as a minimum wage which has been set in order to protect the employees working in the private sector. The Ministry is also supporting the education and employment of women.

The collaboration between the private and public sector is a clear cut sign that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is willing and able to empower the Saudi women. The Ministry of Labor is also rewarding those establishments which are in compliance with the vision of the Ministry. Al Shihry stated that the job or role of the Ministry of Labor is not just to set regulations and rules for the employment of the women. Companies can also approach the Ministry of Labor in order to seek help to allow a larger number of women to work.

The CEO of Saudi Airline Catering, Wajdi Al Ghabban has stated that the company has welcomed this initiative of opening employment opportunities for women in several departments. He added that currently the Catering has employed women who are working in the operational management, sales, marketing, health and safety and hygiene and nutrition departments. The majority of the women who are employed are Saudis. Currently the catering service has employed 458 Saudi women and these Saudi women comprise of 98.4 percent of the total women employees currently working in the company. Al Ghabban also stated that all of the female employees are fully qualified for the positions that they are currently holding.

Al Ghabban added that they are also offering various formal training programs. The catering department is also cooperating with the Ministry of Labor in order to ensure that all of the applicants for the employment opportunities are properly skilled in the various vocations for which they have applied and that these applicants must go through the complete and proper process for hiring of the employees.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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