Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Taj Mahal in India was a Hindu Temple – Hindus file a lawsuit in Agra

The Taj Mahal is probably one of the most famous monuments on earth. The Taj Mahal is also included in the Seven Wonders of the World. There is a rich and colorful history associated with the Taj Mahal, one which has objectified the meaning of endless love. Recently however in India, where the Taj Mahal is located, certain Hindu individuals have started a new absurd claim. The government of India has clearly rejected all of the claims put forward by a group of Hindu lawyers in India that the Taj Mahal was initially a Hindu temple for worship.

In the reply to the query in accordance to the evidence put forward by the group of lawyers which stated that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built a temple. Mahesh Sharma, the Union Culture Minister stated to the parliament that the government has not found any sort of evidence which will justify the claims of the lawyers. Sharma replied just a couple of days after a group of lawyers from Agra placed a lawsuit which claimed that the Taj Mahal was initially a Shiva temple. The group of lawyers additionally demanded that the ownership of the Taj Mahal be transferred onto a Hindu and that the Muslim Indians should be restricted or banned from offering their prayers at the Taj Mahal.

The Archaeological Survey of India had also earlier backed up Sharma’s statement by stating that they did not find any sort of evidence which indicated that the Mughal Monument built in the 17th century was ever a Shiva temple. Sharma added that the government of India is completely aware of the lawsuit and had observed that there has been no affect on the tourism to the Taj Mahal, due to this controversy. The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. It has been constructed in white marble and acts as a mausoleum to the love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Mumtaz Mahal who was his third wife. The Taj Mahal houses her tomb.

In the modern world, the Taj Mahal also acts as a display and showcase of the excellent architecture of the Mughal era.  The Taj Mahal is also considered as a jewel of Muslim art located in India. The UNESCO designated the Taj Mahal as a world heritage site back in 1983. The Taj Mahal hosts around 3 million visitors every year. Those who have studied history will know that there is absolutely no indication that the Taj Mahal, which was built by a Muslim Mughal ruler for his Muslim wife had anything to do with the Hindu religion, let alone being a temple dedicated to the worship of Hindu God Shiva.

India, although a highly successful country, is facing a serious crisis in the form of extremist nationalists and Hindu supremacists who are doing more harm than good to the international image of India. The recent hate campaign in the country against its Muslim population has made the situation tense.

Source: Arab News

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