Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Red Sea International School shuts down due to child’s death inside the Bus

The Red Sea International School in Jeddah has been shut down permanently after a student in the third grade had died inside a school bus few months ago. The Ministry of Education has already provided the parents with a list of 30 different international schools where they can admit their children from the beginning of the second term after the winter break. The Ministry of Educations has set up a notice in front of the school gate which states that the exam for the first term from grades 4 to 9 are going to be held at a government school in the district of Rehab and the certificates will be handed to the students. Recommended: 6 Years old child dies in the School Bus due to suffocation after being left alone

Abdul Malik was the six year old student who had fallen asleep in the bus and the bus driver did not find him till the end of the school day. The child died of suffocation. The family of the young child had accused the schools officials of negligence which caused the death of the young one. Parents of other students however had all started to gather in front of the school on Sundays in order to request the MOE not to shut the school down as they had already paid the whole fee for the year. The director general for Education in Jeddah, Abdullah bin Ahmed Althagafi, has however stated that the school had not informed the parents earlier on about the decision made by the MOE.

He stated that the ministry has given several options to the parents, from which they can decide where they want to enroll their children. An administrative staff from the Red Sea International School, Tabasum Rahman has confirmed the news that the school has been closed down. She has stated that the exams for the first term will be held by the Ministry of Education under their supervision and there will be no exams for students in grades 1-3. Teacher at the Red Sea International School, Wafa Ibrahim, also had her children studying at the same school. She told the Arab News that the school had several underlying problems and the student’s unfortunate death was the final one.

The Administration of the school had not paid the salaries for the teachers over the last two months, the teachers employed had been unqualified, the license of the school had expired and the school also did not have any civil defense equipment. The Ministry had been sending notices, but the administration did not bother. The dismissal of 20 teachers by the supervisor of the education ministry had also been reversed by the owner of the school who had reemployed them.

Two other parents of students at the school had confirmed that they had known earlier about problems at the school and that they had been expecting a refund of the fees they had already paid. They had also paid for the uniform and books for the whole year. They stated that the administration had told parents that the owner of the school was in America and the refunds would happen if she returns.

Source: Arab News

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