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Top 10 Countries Where Marriages Last the Longest

If you want to marry but scared that what would be the consequences your marriage. You have many speculations in your mind that whether it IS working out, or your supposed marriage will simply end up. Many marriages suffer when both parties are working, mostly when both of them work for long hours.  So what characteristics are required to be taken into consideration for a successful marriage other than love and compatibility?  One aspect is that both the parties should share the household duties so they have enough time to spend with each other and also give ample time to their careers. A research by some fellows at Hopes & Fears discovers another surprising aspect. According to the study that the place where you live could have an effects on the lastingness of your marriage. They used current statistics from nationwide surveys to arrive at current marriage length and divorce rates internationally. The result is an interesting picture of how long marriages last around the world.  Collection of all these elements produces an interesting, but most probably expected picture. The results are given below;

  1. Italy: Italy is one of the countries where the female labor ratio is very low. The people of Italy are financially strong enough as compared to the countries in OECD (Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development). According to a report by the OECD, the Italian’s are not particularly good at sharing family responsibilities. Surprisingly Women in Italy spend 204 minutes on housework daily as compared to their other half’s miserable condition that spend 57 minutes on housework.  Instead of these facts, according to the statistics of Hopes & Fears shows that the divorce rate in Italy is very low and normally the marriages are long lasting. It is mentioned in the data of Rome that the normally marriage in Italy last 18 years. In addition these data and facts, the national divorce rate is lesser than most of the countries which is 30.7%. So most probably if you want it all, Italy is the place to go.
  2. Canada: Canada is the country where the female labour force is very high. According to the OECD, the female labour force participation rate is 74.4% which is no doubt impressive one.  So do they have it all, then? Yet again, women bear the hardships of the house chores: they spend 133 minutes daily on household responsibilities as compared to their men who spend a mere 83 minutes per day. So what effect does this difference have on wedding life? Just imagining a relationship between the two, the average duration of marriage is 13.8 years. According to the data from the Capital city of Canada Ottawa, almost half of all marriages in Canada result in divorce (48%). It is the proof that you can’t have it all in Canada.
  3. France: The number of females who are either employed or are actively looking for work in France is 67%. Equality in the house is measured by the distribution of household responsibilities, French women work for 158 minutes per day of house chores as compared with men who work for 98 minutes. This ratio is still not adequately good. And what is the divorce rate in the most romantic country of the world is 55 %. Well, the normally marriage here ends merely in 13 years and it’s getting worse.
  4. America: The female labour force participation rate in the US is 67.2%. Here Again, women bear the heavy share of household duties: they spend 126 minutes daily on housework as compared to men, who spend 82 minutes a day on household chores. An average American marriage lasts for a short term which is 8.2 years. The ratio is much better in New York where the marriage sticks for more than 12.2 years. In America, the divorce ratio is 41%.
  5. Australia: In Australia, the ratio of working people is at a healthy rate of 70.5%. To the extent that everyday tasks are concerned, women spend 168 minutes daily on housework where as men do it for 93 minutes.  According to the statistics from Sydney the marriage lasts in Australia for only 12.2 years which is not good. Other facts and figures which are not so bright are the divorce ratio which is 43%. Every two out five couples will end in divorce which is a sad reality.
  6. Mexico: The female labour force participation rate in Mexico is low, at 47.8%. As for the equality in the household internal tasks, the brave Mexico, women spend 280 minutes a day on household works, while the men spend only 75 minutes a day. And what is the state of marriage here? On the basis of the data from Mexico City, it takes around 12.2 years for the ashes of marriage to get cold.  Still, some good news: nationally, less than two out of ten couples will end up in divorce. The divorce ratio is 15%
  7. Japan: The number of females who are either employed or are actively looking for work in Japan is 65%. The difference between men and women on the task equality is very huge. Women spend more than 199 minutes per day on household tasks as compared to men who spend only 24 minutes daily.  According to the data from Tokyo, The average duration of marriage in well traditional Japan is only 11 years. The divorce national divorce ratio is now at 36%. The popular way of untying wedding is in Divorce ceremonies.
  8. England: Do British people have anything to smile about? Well, the female labour force participation rate here is worth having at 71%. But when it comes to family life, the statistics make for ugly reading. Factually and figuratively, Women spend 133 minutes daily on duties whereas men spend 66 minutes for men, who really want to get their house perfect. The average length of marriage in the UK is based on data from London; the unsuccessful number for marriages in the UK is 11 years. The divorce ratio in the UK is 42%. According to the study by Hopes &Fears, the highest possibilities of divorce occur between the 4th and 8th anniversary.
  9. South Africa: The female labour force participation rate in South Africa is only 50.4%. In terms of home equality, women spend 200 minutes daily on household chores. And the men spend only 69 minutes per day.  On the basis of the data from Cape Town, The marriage knot unties at 11 years for South African couples. But according to the research by Hopes & Fears, the divorce rate in the country is the third lowest of all the countries, which is 31.2%.
  10. Qatar: According to the World Bank data, the female labour force participation rate in Qatar is 51%. Although facts regarding internal equality are not openly available for Qatar, married couples in Doha, Qatar, do not even have the luxury of making it to the seven-year-itch. The average length of marriage in this wealthy city is a only 5.5 years. And almost four out of ten couples will divorce. It is true that money can’t buy you love. The divorce ratio in Qatar is 38%.

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