Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Traffic Courts start working in Saudi Arabia to hear complaints against traffic fines

The General Court in the Kingdom has just launched three judicial circuits which will be acting as the traffic courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first circuit has received 11 traffic lawsuits on Sunday which was the first work day, and this subsequently signaled the start of the traffic court system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These courts will be considering complaints originating from the traffic violations and traffic accidents which are defined in the by-laws and traffic statutes. The president of the General court, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Husseini is currently personally following the work being carried out by the new circuits. Highly informed sources stated that the SJC or the Supreme Judicial Council will be assessing the work carried out by the circuits in order to ensure that any shortfalls are immediately dealt with, and any mistakes are corrected immediately.

These sources also stated the council will also later be considering turning these circuits into complete fully functional traffic courts to settle all of the traffic cases. The General Court in Saudi Arabia has already provided offices for these three newly formed traffic circuits and have also supplies them with all of the necessary equipment which will be needed to function properly. The General Court has also subsequently named all the judges who will be presiding over these sessions. In accordance to reports from various sources, the courts will be focusing on the rights of the public in these traffic accidents and they will also be judging on all the private rights which will also include any financial disputes which rise from these traffic violations and also car damages.

This newly formed traffic court will also be considering all of the traffic violation cases which are stipulation of the traffic by-laws and statutes. The Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia has even trained several judges from different forms of traffic violations, aiming to increase their qualification in considering these cases. A committee, which will be comprising of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Judicial Council or SJC and also the department of traffic, had been set up to arrange for the transference of the traffic cases from the police over to the courts.

The Supreme Judicial Council had earlier approved the creation of a specialized judicial court in order to look into all of the issues which pertain to traffic violations. Those who have visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or have ever resided there, majority of them will be unanimous on the fact that it is home to one of the most beautifully and well made road network and has one of the largest automobile collections in comparison to other countries of the same size or population.

However one other thing everyone will agree on is that the traffic in the Kingdom is something which newcomers or first timers dread.  We all must have seen scenes of disputes after accidents or accidents with extreme damage to vehicles, with great frequency on the roads of the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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