Monday, March 21, 2016

Unlicensed Legal Practitioners in Saudi Arabia

The current regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are allowing those individuals who are unlicensed to practice the legal profession (lawyer). This has now given a chance to impersonators fraudsters and other cheaters to exploit this loophole and scam ordinary people out of their hard earned money. It is in fact quite shocking that when all of the other laws in a particular country, in this case the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are so hard to break, the loopholes in the laws, rules and regulations for legal practice itself is benefitting those who are willing to violate the law.

The law has clearly specified the necessary qualifications and conditions which the individual must fulfill in order to practice the profession and / or defend cases of companies or individuals in the courts of Saudi Arabia. However the very same law has also allowed all unlicensed and unaccredited individuals to legally practice law despite having no qualifications as long as these unlicensed individuals do not represent or take up more than 3 clients. This clause makes it seem as if the license to practice law is somehow based upon the total number of clients a legal practitioner holds.

If we take this as the STANDARD, then I would like everybody to imagine the Ministry of Health allowing unqualified, unlicensed doctors and other medical practitioners to legally treat patients as long as they do not treat more than 3 patients or should not perform surgery on more than 3 patients. Can you even fathom what would happen, sure the rich would go to the top most qualified doctors, but those without means will end up giving their lives in the hands of unqualified people. This would indeed be a ridiculous proposition and scenario.

If the law is allowing unlicensed and unqualified individuals to legally defend people in the courts of Saudi Arabia, well then I guess that there is no need to worry about a certain report which surfaced not too long ago. The report claimed that around 90 people had been caught who had been impersonating lawyers in the last two years and each one of them is facing trial by the judicial authorities. If the law allows unqualified people to be lawyers then why arrest and put these individuals through trial. What if the unqualified lawyer wins the cases of all 3 people he represented? Are they then qualified to be called lawyers?

In a report made by the Makkah Daily, the experts on the matter have pointed out that the real number of those individuals who are fake lawyers or impersonating legal practitioners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are double of the amount we think. If the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has allowed any unlicensed and unqualified individual to represent people in court, then there is no sense in charging those individuals who impersonate lawyers, unless they forge fake licenses and / or any loss incurred to their clients due to their blatant ignorance of the law.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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