Friday, March 11, 2016

What if someone dies crossing a Road in Saudi Arabia?

Hello, my name is Muhammad Sajid; before I tell you my story I want you to know that I am an expatriate who feels extreme pride in living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have been employed in the Kingdom for quite some time now, and I have gotten to like this place a lot. Naturally, I told my family back home in Pakistan about the great place that the Kingdom is, and insisted that they visit at least once. Some time passed and I got to know that my younger cousin was also planning on coming to the Kingdom to seek prospective employment opportunities. I was excited to be a host to a family member in a foreign country; he was excited to come to a new foreign land for the first time. I took my cousin to look at the sights and markets nearby and everything seemed to be going ok, until it all went wrong.

While we were in the market, which happened to be on a busy street, a car came out of nowhere and struck my cousin. The street we had been crossing was a hotspot for shoppers and sellers; hence the drivers would always keep the speed of their vehicles slow. The legal speed limit on the road was set at 50 km/h. the car which hit my cousin however was travelling at a speed of 140 km/h. needless to say my cousin died on the spot right in front of my eyes. I could not believe it, he was sent to this foreign land by our family under my responsibility and he was gone. Within ten days of his arrival we prepared to take his body back home.  I posted a question online asking people about who I could contact in such a scenario. Surely there were legal consequences to what I had just witnessed.

A person by the name of Steve gave his condolences and told me to contact the police as soon as possible. Then he asked me if I had identified the expatriate who had hit him, and asked whether I knew where the man was now. I told him that it was not an expatriate, and that I do know who he is. I also told Steve that there would surely be legal action taken on the issue.

Steve replied saying that I should go to the police. The police came to me soon after and told me that any pedestrian should only cross at the designated crossings, while also putting around 75 percent of the blame on my cousin. When we told him that the car had been over speeding at a speed of 140 km/h, there was no response.  

Steve told me that the police was right; however there are not many pedestrian tracks in the Kingdom, so nothing can be done. He also stated that even in the case of 25% my cousin’s family was still entitled to receive around 75,000 SAR.

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