Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do Insurance Rates continue to rise in Saudi Arabia?

Several citizens have complained about the manipulation and fraud which the majority of health insurance companies seem to be involved in. These insurance companies have their first priority on protecting themselves from extensive medical bills from hospitals which charge ridiculous amounts of money. In a report which was released recently and published in the Al Hayat local newspaper, these insurance companies had been involved in threatening a termination of contract with some of the hospitals, and would also then head to court where their issues with the hospitals will be solved.

Other medical insurance companies have also threatened to change the terms of their agreements with the hospitals because they feel that manipulation is going on and it is harmful for their business. A statement from one of these insurance companies stated that in the following New Year, several new changes to the policies of the insurance companies will take place. This will also be including supervision of hospitals and will increase overall focus on their losses which seem to be increasing every year. This however is sort of a cycle of complaints which seem to never end. In the end, it is the general public that will bear the load. Some of the companies have resorted to increasing their monthly premiums in order to cover up for what they view as losses, however the true monetary value of these losses is insignificant and it does not put much of a dent on their profits either.

A similar scenario is found when we view car insurance companies. Eventually it is the car owners who suddenly find that the insurance premium has increased despite the fact that they have a spotless traffic record and have also never had an accident. Some of the cases of injustice also include the insurance companies cancelling an individual’s insurance policy the very second that it was sold to a second party. These companies compel the new owner to re insure their car.

Everything stated above is being done right under the eyes of the supervisory agencies which are not doing anything, and it is worrying how the general public has been left to fend for itself. There should be serious consideration upon the regulations and rules which need development or replacement. Other issues in need of development are in relation to the relationship found between the service providers and the customers.

This issue is not only prevalent in the Kingdom but in all developed countries where insurance is compulsory, mandatory or just done in general practice. Insurance companies are the same globally. Personally I would not categorize the price inflation as a way of simply putting an extra burden on the people in the Kingdom because I believe a very wise man, who was amongst the most influential men to have ever lived on earth, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) stated that “I will make things difficult for them who make things difficult for my Ummah”

Source: Saudi Gazette

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