Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why do Muslim terrorists blow themselves up inside Masjids?

There is an immense difference the original Islam which the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had ordered us to spread and the distorted version of this religion which is unfortunately being practiced by some these days. The latter has been based on oppression, terrorism, hostility and aggressiveness. It is actually quite opposite to the original Islam which has taught noble values and has ordered all Muslims to completely respect all of the Non Muslims. How and why is it that these great values have disappeared these days? When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had conquered Makkah around 14 centuries ago, he let the people of Makkah go free and He did not take revenge from anyone despite the fact that they had hurt Him and also tortured some of his companions.

However today there are some Muslims who have become extreme in their thoughts and actions that they do not for a minute hesitate to kill another fellow Muslim in cold blood and that too for no reason whatsoever. In my mind, the only justification or explanation I can have for this is that there are obviously some people from outside, some people who do not know anything about Islam and they are hand in hand with other external powers. There are some Muslims who have fallen prey to worldly desires and become a puppet to be manipulated by anybody who desires.  These “Muslims” are convinced of blowing themselves up in no other place but a mosque, which is the religious center for all Muslims. All Mosques are respected by Muslims so much so that they do not take their shoes inside, so what type of Muslim thinks it is okay to blow a mosque up, killing those people who took time out of their daily lives in order to travel to the mosque and pray in congregation.

Back in July 2015, a radical terrorist blew himself up right inside the Al Imam Al Sadiq Mosque located in Kuwait. This was during the most pious month of the Islamic calendar, the Holy month of Ramadan. There are numerous incidents of the same category from mosques in Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and several other Muslim majority countries. In Saihat, Al Qatif, numerous innocent people lost their lives without any need at the Al Kawthar Mosque.

Several people would have been killed by this attack if only it had not been for the quick action by the security officers. What name should we give those who are enemies of the mosque or who work against the mosque. What is gained by firstly blowing yourself up which is suicide, that is prohibited in Islam strongly. Secondly you blow yourself up inside a Mosque, damaging the mosque or destroying it in some cases, which is again a true sin against Islam.

Thirdly you kill numerous other pious worshippers who were engaged in prayer with the same Allah that you claim to be working in interest of. In accordance to the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the killing of any one innocent man is considered as you have killed the whole humanity, so which other Islamic authority has allowed them to kill Muslim worshippers.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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