Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do we (Muslims) apologize for terrorist attacks all over the world?

It is completely understandable when anybody starts to condemn the various terror attacks occurring all around the world. Similar condemnation and grief was expressed over the recent attacks in Paris which shocked the world and left more than 130 people dead. Personally I believe that for every individual it is a duty to condemn any act of terrorism or violence which costs innocent lives. However something which cannot be understood at all is why certain excuses are provided for Muslims and Islam seemingly to justify a connection between the crimes committed and the deranged terrorists who carry out such acts.

An excuse means that there is admittance that these deranged extremist terrorists are a representation of Muslims and Islam. It gives a clear reason for all those holding any hate for Islam or Muslims to link up this radical, senseless terrorist behavior with Muslims and Islam. Subsequently it is also a clear contradiction of denouncing terrorism and that these terrorists are nothing more than a deviant group and that they do not represent even a tiny portion of Muslims or Islam. If some countries engaged in war and committed the senseless killings and massacres of the people of these countries, history has documented that nobody apologized or asked for any forgiveness for their crimes. Why do some Muslims find it absolutely necessary that they must offer up apologies before the dust even settles, which in turn just supports the accusations brought forward by those who hold hatred towards Islam and the Muslim community?

These people are intentionally or unintentionally supporting the statements of those groups or individuals who know nothing about the actual teachings of Islam, who have no knowledge of the difference between masked and violent Islam being carried out by few deranged individuals and the real Islam which is followed by billions of people all over the world. Those people who know nothing about the difference between this group which has hijacked the image of Islam and does not reflect a bit on Muslims and Islam.

It is preferable for all those who post unthinkable and ill minded excuses to probably calm down a bit before posting something which will ultimately increase the negative image associated with Muslims and Islam. These sorts of personal situations which contain a level of idealism which is certainly well into naivety does not under any circumstance serve the policies of their respective countries in regards with dealing with terror attacks by these deviant groups.

These excuses which you post out in a fit of emotions will in no way change the viewpoint and negativity found in the western supremacy in the addressing of these conflicts and bearing the consequences caused by this. Terror attacks, regardless of religion creed, caste or sect are something which should be condemned to the highest level. It is an inexcusable act which takes the lives of innocent people. For those who think Muslims are behind it, remember no Muslim would blow up a mosque or kill somebody in prayer.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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