Saturday, March 26, 2016

Why men from sub-continent don’t wear condoms?

In Sub-Continent, birth control is a big issue and it is considered to be a man’s authority to decide on it. One of my friends from Sub-Continent has told me recently that she had to undergo the abortion again. She said that “it was again an unwanted pregnancy, my husband hates to use protection measure rather he says that condoms spoil the joy and he becomes unable to feel anything. I have been using pill from 8 years but it disturbs my body and hormonal system. I have been gaining weight especially after birth of first child, about four years ago. Pulling out at the last moment had been the formula but it also fails sometime. I don’t want to have another child but I also cannot keep on aborting on regular basis”.

Literacy level is considerably low among women and the demand to get married and to become a mother at the earliest time is very high. Women say that it is also backed by male domination over women and in all aspects of life. Statistics show that only 48.4% women used a contraceptive procedure in 2009, it means that less than half number of married women used contraception, a majority of these women have gone through the procedure of sterilization. It is really miserable that only 3% have opted condoms. In this situation, no one shall worry that how 2,000,000 people are added to population every 20 days.

Women, even those who are educated, brought up in urban areas, cultured, belong to elite class and are running a successful professional life also wonder how it will be if they themselves carry condom. Recently on aired bold advertisement about condom has tried to shatter the label of condoms associated with men. If protection is a safer way to control child birth, why it is taken with the sentiments of male? If the condoms are easy and effective way then why it is considered cheap if a woman goes to pharmacist to buy that? All these questions clarify the Sub-Continent men’s behavior towards women.

In the year 2006, a survey conducted by IMCR (Indian Council of Medical research) was reported by BBC and in this survey it was concluded that the condoms manufactured according to the international sizes are proved to be too large for most of the male population of Sub-Continent. This result was concluded after a 2 year study which involved more than 1200 adult males from different areas of Sub-Continent.

Even where the condom is used, serious issues come forward. One out of every five cases when a condom is used, either the condoms falls off or it gets tear. Sub-Continent women have started thinking that sexual pleasure shall be treated as a movement for equal rights to gain and reclaim sexual health of women.

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