Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why you should never upload a photo of your boarding pass to Facebook?

Cybercrime cases have become so common these days and hackers are really active on websites to steal your data. Sometimes people don’t take little things seriously and share their confidential information on internet. Little acts and normal mistakes can harm you in significant ways.  People who post the picture of their boarding card on Facebook make others feel deprived especially when others are not going on holiday. It may simply be taken as act of pride or boost by others who are already missing their homeland and are unable to spend their holidays there.

Other way, it can also damage you completely in great way as you have shared your confidential information.  The boarding card picture contains barcode which makes hacking for cyber criminals a piece of cake. The whole information of airplane and respective flight is given inside the barcode given on boarding pass. In a crime story given on a famous blog which involved misuse of confidential information of a flight, the Facebook friend of a person who share snapshot of his boarding pass gleaned confidential information. The person right away approached a website which could decode data from a bar code and got confidential information about his friend hidden in passcode. The data available in bar code included the name of the passport holder, the flight information and other related data.

The person named Cory who scanned sensitive information from his friend’s boarding pass snap shared that he was able to get record key of the boarding card holder. Cory kept on searching the airline website and easily got access to the all information related to flight schedule of that passenger. He not only got the data for current flight but was easily able to access his schedule for future flights. The record key enabled him to change any schedule, he could also change the seating arrangement allocated for that passenger. Not only this, record eye also enabled him to cancel any future, even the current flight of passenger easily.  The interesting thing is he would not have captured ever as he was operating everything by getting record key.

In case one is so desperate to upload the snapshot of boarding pass on social media, he/she should blur the information given on it especially the bar code. The bar code has all sensitive information including the ticket number, the barcode, the name and schedule of flights of passenger in future and the record locator. Record key is the key to all harms if it gets handed over to a wrong or irrelevant person.

In case the flight is over and you don’t further need the boarding pass it is better to dispose the pass in shredder. Throwing it right away in garbage can be dangerous and other person who get the pass can easily access your confidential information. Be careful about these small acts which can cause big harms in long run.

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