Friday, March 18, 2016

Women go for Plastic Surgeries to retain Husbands’ Interest

Cosmetic surgery and its popularity in women inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have increased significantly over the past years. These cosmetic surgeries act as a way of assimilation and in turn make women feel empowered since it is a representation of a beauty norm which is exclusionary. In a confession to the surgeon, a Saudi woman named Sadia stated that being 38 years old; she has the body and face that she deserves. Earlier on, or prior to the surgeries, she would have fleshy and massive arms which were in no way resembling the physique that she had during her twenties. These cosmetic surgeries have helped in restoring the gym honed figure and have addressed several issues of body confidence. These surgeries have proved to be better than therapy or even exercise.

Additionally the inspiring factor which has caused women to have these cosmetic surgeries and being willing to go under the knife, once or multiple times is related to marital problems. This constant need or pressure to look the same or better than you did at the time of marriage has increased the demand for such procedures and other medical procedures related to this. Dr. Sarah H, a cosmetic surgeon in the Kingdom has stated that the reason behind most of the women coming to her between the ages of 30 and 65 have been drawn towards these procedures, is to get a younger or new look. People in the Kingdom are well informed of such procedures and the latest techniques or innovations too, thanks to the internet.

Another Saudi woman who wished to remain anonymous had only recently decided to go under the knife in order to completely restore the young look she previously had, only to keep her husband’s interest in her alive. She did this, after learning that her husband was marrying a more beautiful, younger girl. The anonymous woman went through five to six surgeries which included Botox, nose correction and facelift amongst other procedures.

After giving birth, and being busy with the household duties, any woman will automatically start caring less and less towards her own image and self. She says that she had been so busy that she had forgotten how she used to look and when her husband did not find her attractive she felt depressed. In order to restore the beauty, she turned towards cosmetic surgery.

Numerous other women have also mentioned that the main reason that they choose such procedures is to address issues of body confidence, rather than go to therapy. These women go to surgeons with both physical and emotional pain. It is sometimes thought that cosmetic surgeons also play the role of psychologists for the depressed patients who undergo such procedures to please their husbands or distract themselves. It is important that these patients are ready for the procedure rather than rushing into something such as plastic surgery which can sometimes be disappointing for those looking for a drastic change.

Source: Arab News


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