Monday, March 7, 2016

You (in Saudi Arabia) consume electricity 3 times more than the world average

Power and Energy are perhaps the most valuable resources on earth. Every country, every government and every person needs energy in order to successfully operate and function in this modern world.  The creation of energy is by far one of the most feasible industries to invest in and to operate as there will always be more demand than there will be supply. The experts at the recent International Fair for Cooling and Energy which was held in Riyadh stated that the consumption of energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is around three times more than the average international consumption.

Keeping in mind that the households in the Kingdom are responsible for around 65 percent of the entire national consumption, the experts on the topic had noted that this usage has ultimately put a huge toll on the residents and citizens of the Kingdom, even though there is a huge subsidy by the Saudi Arabia on the prices of energy. The branch manager for “Reem” in North Africa and the Middle Eastern region has called upon all of the air conditioner manufacturers operating in the Kingdom to duly abide by the standards and specifications which have been made necessary in order to ensure that the products being produced in the Kingdom is of export quality to foreign countries.

The branch manager added that the air conditioner market needs to be more liberalized in order to remove barriers to entry or obstacles and that the standards of quality need to be higher in the Kingdom. He stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently producing round about more than 50 million mega watts of electricity every day. This is more than their neighboring countries such as Egypt, even though they have a population of 90 million or more but produce only 27 million megawatts every day.

Maysem Al Hinawi, who is the Sales and Marketing Vice President at the world renowned LG air conditioners, has stated that this extremely high consumption of energy in the homes is what is leading the air conditioner manufacturers to use superior quality infrared compressors. He added that most of the air conditioners available in the market these days are actually capable of reducing used energy by up to 40 percent after new technology has been included in them via alteration.

Since most of the low power consuming air conditioners are slightly more expensive than the regular air conditioners (note not all are more expensive and can also be same priced ), people just buy and use the regular ones which in turn leads to higher electricity bills and over all higher payment for the usage of that air conditioner. It is advisable to invest in the power saving air conditioners as it will save you more money over time and will also put a lesser burden on the country and will also result in fewer blackouts, load shedding or other such incidents in those places where such incidents are already occurring.

Source: Arab News

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