Thursday, April 21, 2016

12 Effective Tips to get rid of Dark Underarms

Nowadays, darkening of underarms has become a common issue among women. Majority of the young girls complain about their armpits turning darker and everyone is in search of ways which can prevent the darkening of underarms. According to a research the discoloration appearing in one’s underarm is not an indication of any major illness or disease, in fact it is a medical condition which can be improved by applying some creams and home remedies. Following are causes that can result in darkening of the underarms:

  • Excessive Shaving
  • Use of low quality hair removing creams
  • Use of alcoholic based antiperspirants and deodorants
  • Accumulation of the dead cell

12 Effective Tips to get rid of Dark Underarms
  1. SHIFT TO WAXING: Instead of shaving your underarm, opt for waxing because it is a healthier method of removing unwanted hair without damaging the underarm skin. Waxing helps in the removal of the dead skin cells. Shaving and applying low quality products damage the underarm skin badly.
  2. EXFOLIATE: The more the accumulation of the dead skin cells the greater the chances of skin discoloration. The growth of such dead cells results in darker pigments making the armpits appearing darker. Salicylic and Lactic based cleaners can be used to exfoliate the underarms.
  3. CUTTING DOWN DEODERANT USAGE: Since many of the deodorants contain alcohol, they result in the production of melanin. Therefore the armpits become darker than the usual. One can choose products that are healthier or organic based.
  4. USE OF LEMON: Lemon is famous for its natural bleaching properties. It can be used to lighten the dark underarms .Cut a lemon and rub the slice on the under arm. Wait for few seconds and rinse it off .
  5. POTATO: Potatoes are composed of mild acid which makes them a perfect skin bleaching agent. Rub a potato slice well on your underarm, leave for few seconds and wash off. Potato juice usually won’t cause skin irritation therefore this method is also beneficial for people who have sensitive skin.
  6. CUCUMBER: Cucumber slices can also be used to eliminate the darkness of the armpits easily.
  7. TURMERIC: Make a thick paste by adding some turmeric and few drops of lemon juice. Apply the paste and leave for an hour. Wash it off and witness the magic!
  8. BAKING SODA: Try this quick paste of baking soda with water. Apply this paste and scrub gently for few minutes. This remedy helps in removing the dead skin cells.
  9. COCONUT OIL: Vitamin E in this oil helps lighten skin. Rub it on the area for 10 minutes daily, before bathing. It is a natural deodorant.
  10. SANDALWOOD: Make a paste of sandal wood powder and rose water and apply it for 15mins. Wash it off.
  11. ORANGE PEEL: Use dried and grounded orange-peel, mix it with water or milk and scrub the area with this mixture for 10mins
  12. MILK AND VINEGAR: Milk and vinegar can be applied respectively for beautiful armpits.
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