Friday, April 29, 2016

15 Very Amazing Facts about Sneezing

Sneezing is a reflex action which occurs when some irritant, irritates your nasal cavity and stimulates special receptors. As a result the brain sends command to get rid of these irritants. Irritants can be pollens, dust, germs, pollutants, strong smell, and others.
  1. It is really odd that one does not sneeze when he/she is sleeping. Amazed much? This is because the nerves responsible for sneezing are relaxed and breaks the chain reaction. If there are irritants, the person wakes up from sleep and then sneezes.
  2. The mechanism involves, trapping of air through deep breath, building up of pressure and tightening of chest muscles. This leads to pressing of tongue against the roof of the mouth, in order to force the breath through the nose and Achoo!
  3. According to the ororhinolaryngologists in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, we sneeze to reset the nasal environment and get rid of the foreign particles.
  4. Sometimes we sneeze twice or thrice in a single go! According to the physician and director of the Allergy Clinic at Columbia, this sneezing depends upon the cause of first sneeze. In order to get rid of the irritant, the person sneezes twice, thrice or even four times.
  5. It is not true that your heart stops when you sneeze. There is actually change in pressures of chest which alters the blood flow and so the rhythm of heartbeat. It may look like you skipped a beat but actually you didn’t.
  6. Multiple sneezing is common but Donna Griffiths from England holds the highest record in the world for having the longest sneeze of total 978 days which started from 13th Jan 1981 continuously till 16th Sept 1983. The reason is unknown
  7. There is always some sort of noise while sneezing, might be a loud or soft sound. While sneezing, air moves at a speed of 100 miles/hr through the narrow passage of the nostrils which makes it produce some sounds. It also depends on the nostril size. In English it is said "achoo," in French "atchoum," in Sweden, "atjo”, in Italy it’s "hapsu," and in Japan they say "hakushon”.
  8. The germs and droplets from sneeze sprays and travel at a distance of about 5 feet or more on average. This is because of the small mucus particles and the sneezing force.
  9. Use your elbows while sneezing to avoid contaminating your hands and so the door knobs and surfaces you touch.
  10. You might think it is weird but in some culture, sneezing is said to be a sign of good luck.
  11. One culture says it is not good to sneeze at the same time as some other person.
  12. Some say, sneezing means that someone is talking behind your back about you. 
  13. One should say “God bless you” when a person sneezes because a soul leaves the body or to protect the person from falling ill.
  14. Black pepper is a common irritant which makes a person sneeze almost always
  15. The color of the mucus you sneeze is clear. If it is yellow, brown or green, one should see a doctor. This is because of the antibodies in the mucus to fight infection or cold.
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