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3 Methods to Activate your MOI (Abshir) Account in Saudi Arabia

For accessing different services of Ministry of Interior, every single person should register for the account of Ministry Of interior services. It is also known as Abshir Service from Ministry Of Interior of Saudi Arabia. For the registration of this service, we have already explained a detailed procedure in this link. Once you have registered with MOI service, you need to activate your account. Today, we are going to share with you 3 methods used by expatriates to activate your MOI (Abshir) account. Recommended: Register for Abshir (MOI) Services

Activate MOI (Abshir) Account through Banks: These are the banks which provide you facility to activate your Abshir service registration. The names of these banks are Al Rajhi Bank, Riyad Bank, Bank Albilad, Bank Al Jazira. You can activate through bank by following these method.
  1. AL RAJHI BANK: This is step by step procedure to activate for your Ministry of interior registration.
    • Log in to your online banking account. Click on "Services", and then choose "MOI Registration", Read detail description of the service and select "Accept". Confirm your data by clicking on "Proceed", Once you completed you will receive an activation SMS.
    • Through AL RAJHI BANK ATM Machine: go to your nearby Al Rajhi Bank ATM, by Using your ATM card, Choose the option "Other Operations", Then click on "Portal of the MOI", Check the information you entered and finish the registration process, You will receive SMS of activation as soon as you complete the process.
    • Through Phone Banking you can call the number 920003344, then Enter Customer Number and PIN, then select number 5, in the end select number 4 to activate or start up the Abshir service.
  2. RIYADH BANK:  You can activate it through Internet Banking: Log in to your internet banking website, Try to find the option "Government Services", Validate it, you will receive SMS. Now you can activate it by signing in to your Abshir service account. Recommended:  MOI Abshir Registration through Ryadh Bank
  3. NCB BANK (AL AHLI BANK): Through Phone: you can activate your MOI services by phone Banking. Call to the number 920001000, enter your particulars, and then Press number 4. After that you will press Number 2, and lastly press 5. You will get a verification SMS of your registration.
    • Activation through ATM: for accessing the MOI service just use your ATM card and select "Activate MOI Online E-service", you should "Agree" the terms and conditions, and press the option “correct” to confirm your mobile number. For the confirmation of the activation of services you will receive a SMS.
  4. BANK ALBILAD: Internet Banking : on the website of the bank ALBILAD Log in to your online banking account, Once you log in to your acount, you will find the option "MOI Portal Activation" at the last on the left side, Click on that option. Read all the terms and conditions and then click "PROCEED", your MOI service will be confirmed through a SMS.
  5. BANK AL JAZIRA: ATM Machine: go to your nearby ATM Machine of Al Jazira Bank, Select the services offer MOI registration. Click Activate, You will receive a SMS of confirmation of the registration.
  6. SAMBA Bank: The detailed procedure to activate MOI account using SAMBA Bank Internet Banking has been explained in this link. Recommended: Activate Abshir (MOI) Account through SAMBA Bank Internet Banking
Activate MOI (Abshir) Account by visiting KIOSK Self Service Machines: You can also activate MOI Abshir service registration through Kiosk self-service machine. The simple procedure is that you have to provide you iqama number and mobile number. You need to use your index finger of your right and left hand on finger print reader. You will receive a SMS code on the Mobile number you have entered. You have to enter the SMS code to activate the registration. These self-service machines are located on different places in Saudi Arabia. Almost all big malls in big cities have these machines.

Activate MOI (Abshir) Account by visiting Jawazat Office: In this process you need to go to any one of registration and activation office. Here you should verify yourself to them that you are the same person, and then a passport department worker has the authority to activate your MOI Abshir service registration. They have a separate office in main Jawazat office in Jeddah.

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