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9 Steps to clean your lungs in 3 days naturally

As we have mentioned in our previous articles, respiratory system draws in oxygen and gives off carbondioxide. During this process it encounters numerous toxins, dust particles, organisms, allergens and cigarette smoke. These leave scars and weaken the respiratory system. Cleaning lungs has a number of benefits like it Improves lung capacity, Lowers risk of lung cancer, Detoxification, Improves respiratory system, Reduces risk of infections and Improves overall health. Following are few remedies to clean your lungs:

9 Steps to clean your lungs in 3 days naturally
  1. Take hot bath each day for 20minutes to release toxins through sweat.
  2. Stop consuming dairy products 2 days prior to the regime to help in lung purification.
  3. The first day is normal as usual with the addition of herb tea before going to bed.
  4. The next morning, squeeze juice of 2 lemons in 300ml of water and drink it before breakfast.
  5.  Also consume 300ml of pineapple or grape fruit juice. The key factor is the presence of anti-oxidants.
  6. To improve blood flow, consume 300ml of carrot juice before lunch.
  7. Consume 400ml of juice rich in potassium for lunch.
  8. To get rid of bacteria and chances of infections, consume 400ml of cranberry juice by the end of the day.
  9. In the end, inhale steam of hot water with few drops of eucalyptus by covering your head, to detoxify your lungs.

Top 10 Tips to follow daily to clean your lungs naturally
  1. Cook with oregano: Known bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus are known to reduce with the use of oregano with almost all the foods. It can be used in its fresh, dried or oil form. Oregano consists of natural decongestants, rosmarinic acid and carvacrol which are of benefit to the respiratory system.
  2. Lobelia: Whenever you feel congestion or tightness in lungs, one can inhale lobelia. It is an alkaloid which thins mucous and breaks up congestion. It is often a part of cough syrups because of its ability to relax lung muscles and improve airflow. The vapors should be inhaled twice a day for ten minutes with 5-10 leaves
  3. Steam with eucalyptus: Take eucalyptus steam every day for 15 minutes. Eucalyptus is an important ingredient in cough and cold medicines. Cineole: calms the sinuses, eliminates cough and reduces congestion. It also supports the immune system in fighting infections.
  4. Peppermint: It serves as an antioxidant, relaxes muscles, and has an anti-histaminic effect to get rid of toxins. Chew 3-5 peppermint leaves every day.
  5. Elecampane infusion: It is a root which soothes passages, reduces cough and breaks mucous helping against disease like asthma. One teaspoon of it in a cup of water should be consumed thrice a day.
  6. Chilies: Chilies are spicy which helps remove mucus from the body quickly.
  7. Water: Water helps in purifying the system and aids in immune system.
  8. Onions: Onions prevents the risk of cancer, fights infections, breaks mucus and reduces toxins as it’s rich in nutrients.
  9. Ginger:  Ginger tea and ginger with every meal improves breathing and overall cleanse s the body.
  10. Mullein: Mullein tea is especially of benefit for smokers.
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