Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anti-Begging Law - Beggars to be fined with SR 30,000 and Jailed for 2 Years

Beggars can commonly be seen in different cities of KSA asking for money in the name of Allah. These beggars hardly deserve and majority of them are professional. The Committee for Family, Social and Youth Affairs at the Shoura Council has drafted a law for implementation of anti-begging law. According to this draft, children are strictly prohibited to beg money from public and in case any of such case would be reported the person who will be accused of using children for begging purposes will be punished. The punishment will include imprisonment and fine in the form of cash. Anyone caught begging from others, even if he is begging for petrol in his car (a new trend of begging) will be subjected to imprisonment up to 2 years and the fine of SR 30,000 as per new proposed Anti-Begging Law.

The beggar arrested will be sent to welfare home where he will be educated and fine will` also be imposed. The draft mentioned that in case a beggar will be arrested for the very first time, he will be sent to welfare home for 5 days. Further he can stay there for six month and fine of SR 10000 will also be imposed. In case again the beggar will spotted of committing this crime he will be restricted to welfare home for 1 year and fine of SR 20000 will also be imposed. In case a beggar will be caught begging third time, he will be imprisoned for two years with SR 30000 fine. In case of fourth attempt the punishment will get doubled and all his money will be given to charitable societies and welfare organizations.

Begging has been impacting the personality of youth and deserving families including women, disabled persons and children who find an easy way to get their problems resolved by asking for money from others. It kills the self-respect of a person and he is no more a responsible and sophisticated citizen. The biggest crime associated with begging is human trafficking. The draft has nominated several kinds of beggars who beg due to different reasons like illness, disability or poverty.

They use children and women for money raising through black mailing others in the name of God. The anti-begging draft comprises of 15 articles on the whole and the aim of this new law is to curb the roots of beggary for promotion of a healthy society. Islam introduced a system of Zakat which aims at a helping deserving people to let them make their livings without asking others for help or money.

Article 3 of draft emphasize on arrest of these beggars, article 4 states that Ministry of social affairs should establish welfare houses for education of these addicted beggars. Article 5 and 6 states that committees should be established in different provinces for eradication of beggary and these committees should be united to each other for fruitful results. Article 8 demand the ministry to support these committees in order to make a solid plan for elimination of such evil from society for security and awareness purposes.

Source: Arab News

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