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Causes of Blood Clot in Brain, 18 things to avoid

Blood clot is a stack of sticky cells which forms when a vessel is cut to stop bleeding. It is a protective mechanism but sometimes the process may go wrong and blocks the vessel and stops the blood to flow resulting in ischemic stroke. Causes of blood clot in Brain are;
  • Blood clots may have a hereditary predisposition.
  • It may also occur in individuals with previous history of clots
  • Patients with atherosclerosis may form blood clots in brain. It occurs when fat and plaque, deposits in vessels, narrowing it and reducing the blood supply, causing stroke.
  • Trauma to brain and vessels
  • Defect in heart valves, atrial fibrillation and other heart problems may cause clot in brain.
  • Bed rest, prolonged sitting, injury to leg or surgery may form clots which may travel to brain.
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Clotting disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Dehydration may cause clots as the blood gets thicker

Treatment of blood clots depends upon its location, anatomy of the region, its size, and severity. There are as such no home remedies to resolve a blood clot in brain, once formed. But you can change your lifestyle or follow few tips in order to avoid this condition and the worst consequences. We have mentioned few remedies as follows:
  1. Avoid prolong sitting: Always try to avoid prolong sitting in a constant position. This results in clot formation in legs, which may travel to lungs, brain or heart. If at work, try to walk every two hours or if driving, stop and walk for few minutes.
  2. Move after a surgery: After a surgery, it is always recommended to try to move as soon as possible in order to avoid formation of clots. Exercises like clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of ankle, stretching of muscles and ankle joint is preferable.  If a person cannot move, compression stockings may be used.
  3. Have a regular exercise schedule
  4. Exercises like swimming, jogging, walking would do it too. Do it at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  5. Control diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.
  6. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol.
  7. Yoga also serves to be helpful
  8. Make sure adequate intake of vitamins in diet
  9. Try to avoid obesity
  10. Proper full body massage may prevent formation of clots throughout the body.
  11. Increase usage of turmeric, ginger, bread, cereals, asparagus and other foods rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants.
  12. Consume broccoli which contains vitamin C and proves to be good for those prone to clot formation.
  13. Spinach burns fat. Consume spinach juice to stay healthy
  14. Avoid full cream milk as it is fattening.
  15. Cinnamon maintains the correct thickness of blood and prevents clot formation
  16. Calcium is present in skimmed milk which allows proper cell function.
  17. Use canola and mustard oil for cooking
  18. Placing hot and cold packs alternatively on the area may dissolve fat and clot formation.
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