Monday, April 18, 2016

Crown Prince honors Pakistani Hero for rescuing Saudis in Flood

During times of turmoil or seeming chaos, there are those amongst us who choose to run in the opposite direction, then there are those who stay in a safe distance and just observe. However there is also a third type of people in this world. Those who do not pay any heed to the chaos around them and rise to the occasion of saving lives and settling some of the chaos. We are about to read about one such man in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bin Naif, who is also the interior minister as well as deputy premier, has just instructed the concerned authorities to honor a Pakistani expatriate in the Kingdom.


Shawkat Ali Amin, the Pakistani expatriate is to be awarded by Saudi Authorities on orders of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, for his gallant work and humanitarian efforts by risking his own life in order to save the lives of several Saudi citizens who had been stuck and fighting for their lives in the flood. Shawkat Ali Amin had defied the torrential floodwater in order to save the life of Al Qahtani who is a Saudi citizen. Al Qahtani was stuck in the flood water in the Tahleet valley located in the Asir region in the Kingdom, and was almost about to drown. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bin Naif, has ordered a sizeable financial reward for the Pakistani expatriate, Shawkat Ali Amin, for his heroic deeds and brave acts which directly resulted in saving the life of a Saudi national man.


The Saudi national Al Qahtani had climbed on top of his car, when the torrential flood waters besieged him in his car. The Pakistani expatriate, Shawkat, had been standing close by to Al Qahtani and he wasted no time in joining hands with the local Civil Defense teams in the area and helped them out by managing to put a life vest around the body of Al Qahtani and then even managed to pull him out of the fast current of the flood water and in to safety.

The Pakistani expatriate Shawkat has expressed great appreciation and thanks for this noble gesture by the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, deputy premier and interior minister, however he has gone on to state that he did not perform the heroic acts for any recognition or reward, but instead did it to express his love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also the Saudi people.

The Pakistani man has truly done a service to humanity as well as allowed the Pakistani people to be shown in a bright light. Most people would have allowed the rescue service teams to just do their work as they stand as bystanders and watch them work. However this was not the case with Shawkat, who showed that even an ordinary man can make some serious difference by doing something which is extra ordinary.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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