Friday, April 15, 2016

Doctors and Nurses fined heavily by Ministry for a “Medical Error”

Medical is a high responsibility oriented profession which requires doctors and rest of the medical staff to serve their patients selflessly. A small mistake at the end of doctors can ruin whole life of their patients. Ministry of Health has made strict measures in order to ensure health safety of patients. Recently, Ministry of health has fined number of doctors and nurses for being irresponsible towards their duties and for treating patients in an unreasonable way. The poor services to patients and wrong diagnostic procedure caused the authorities to fine them around SR 31,000. According to Dr. Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Saghayir, deputy director of health affairs in Madinah the ministry has fined doctors for genuine reasons.

It is not the very first time when doctors have been found indulged in violation of principles and safety rules of hospitals and their profession. Authorities have appointed a committee to investigate the reason behind the violation of professional standards. Initially the committee has fined doctors of SR 10,000 as he has allegedly diagnosed wrong disease for a patient which further led to wrong treatment and caused more destruction to his health. The same doctor also made wrong communication with the medical staff involved in treatment of that patient. Another female doctor has found for working inefficiently and resultantly charged for fine of SR 3,000. The female doctor did to meet professional standards during her job towards treatment of patient assigned to her.

The findings of investigation committee also pointed out other female doctors for ignoring a patient while he needed medical treatment in emergency condition. She stepped back from her responsibilities and referred the patient to another doctor on duty. The committee also orders to charge her fine of SR 3,000.  One male doctor prescribed wrong medicines to patients without actually analyzing his case. It led to his worst condition and caused health damage to him. He was also fined SR 3,000. Along with male and female doctors, a nurse has been charged with SR 2,000 as she failed to deliver results of a test on time and measured blood pressure of a patient inaccurately.

A fine of SR 4,000 has been imposed on a consultant by investigation committee who did not follow an emergency case. Another doctor who failed to diagnose accurate results from an ultrasound is fined for SR 2,000. A female Gynecologist is fined for SR 4,000 as she made late diagnosis to her patient who caused damage to the lady and her child.

The entire medical staff including doctors, nurses and consultants got fined for their irresponsible behavior and casual attitude which can risk lives of their patients. The core objective behind this monetary punishment is to make them realize that they have done wrong and also to give them a chance of improvement in their attitude for future. Medical profession is a dignified profession; doctors should be very careful regarding safety and health of their patients as they totally rely on their opinion.

Source: Arab News

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