Monday, April 4, 2016

Expatriates are “Virus” and “Garbage”, when will they stop insulting Expats?

In a local newspaper, a writer criticized increasing influence of expatriate workers in Saudi retail industry. Expatriates are widely dealing the whole retail industry and there is a little contribution of local workers and store owners in this industry. A writer Saad Al-Dosari insulted expatriate workers brutally in his article by calling them a virus and garbage. He further mentioned that these expatriates are contaminating retail industry which is impacting Saudi economy in long term. He called all expatriates illegal here in KSA and demanded authorities to take strict action against them to throw them out of Kingdom. He put the question that till now why Ministry of Interior has not removed this mess from state.

According to Al-Dosari, national workers of Kingdom are suffering due unreasonable control of expatriates over retail industry. He considers that the negative impact due to increasing influence of these expatriates is an alarming sign. The article written by Saad Al-Dosari is a clear indication of racism and discrimination towards expatriates and foreign workers. It has not happened for the very first time, the Arabic press keeps on posting such material time to time. Perhaps these writers have nothing productive to talk about so the pass their time by writing such material. The term virus shows the clear discriminatory attitude by these native writers. I think the major reason for such continuous poisonous words from press is that expatriates are an easy target for them.

The writer did not even bothered to ask retail store owners that why native workers are not available to work or what’s the reason of the influence of expatriate workers. What he did is criticism for the sake of criticism. The actual reason due to which the number of expatriate workers has increased in retail industry is that local workers don’t stay for long time. Recently a famous retail store was missing his 6 out of eight clerks and there was no one ther for customer service. The writer also raised question that why Saudi women are not working at retail stores and expatriate women are taking over the industry. For the sake of general knowledge of that writer, he should be aware of the normal behavior of guardians of Saudi woman. They hardly allow their women to work on a retail store.

These expatriate workers are not negatively impacting Saudi economy, the truth is these workers are contributing their level best to accomplish strategic and nuclear goals of KSA. Those who deny this fact can analyze the improvement in GDP of KSA since the time when Kingdom allowed entry of these expatriates.  Such kind of poisoning behavior can harm the whole Kingdom as when a worker is working here, he is part of Kingdom.

It does not matter at all what identity or passport he has. The history of advanced and successful nations tells us that those who are generous enough to welcome dedicated and hardworking workers from outside could explore the ways to success. US allowed Europeans to come and populate its state if they are willing to work hard and spend their energies for the betterment of state. Saudis should adopt the same kind of attitude to raise the morale of these hard working expatriate so that they can contribute their part in betterment of Saudi economy.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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