Saturday, April 16, 2016

Father throws Acid on his 20 Years old Daughter in Madina

Killing in the name of honor and throwing acid on the face of girls is a common thing now days in Muslim countries. Even conservative Muslims residing in European countries attempt such filthy tactics to show their narrow mindedness and low thinking. A 20 years old Asmaa has been taken to King Fahad Hospital in Madinah where she is under consideration for acid burn treatments. She was thrown acid on her face and got third degree burns on her face and body. This cruel act has been done with the innocent girl by her father and reasons are still unknown.

Police has taken notice of the incident and the burnt girl is under custody at King Fahad Hospital with heavy protection in order to keep her safe from further attack. Ministry of social affairs has taken special notice of the incident and informed health minister about improvement in her condition. Doctors and experts have been appointed in order to treat her at the earliest. It is not the first act of violence to her from her father, it is reported that she has been facing continuous torture for long period and at last he poured acid on her face. Police recovered the injured girls from the incident after a call received by them. She is still under consideration of doctors and police. The accused father of girl has taken in custody of police and investigation committee is making inquiry behind the reasons which caused the incident to happen. The rehabilitation program has provided her facility to stay away from her abusive parents. Ministry has appointed a lawyer to defend her case in court.

The injured girl affected at face, neck and left side due to acid burns. The acid has also burnt her chest, upper limbs including 7 percent of her body. The girl got injuries in her eyes especially the left one got the worst burn scars. She is under conservative treatment which will include her plastic surgery and skin grafts which will be later decided by doctors. In case there will be no complication she will get recuperation which will last for two months.

Ali Gharam Al-Ghamdi, the director of the Madinah branch of the Minister of Social Affairs has been appointed by Social Affairs Minister Majed Al-Qassabi in order to take proper care of the girl regarding her treatment, protection and housing matters. He is properly supervising the whole matter and is confident about early recovery of the injured girl. The ministry of social affairs has also appointed committee in order to find out root cause of the matter in order to make sure that such incidents are to be stopped in future.

Ali Gharam Al-Ghamdi will keep the minister aware of whole matter. It is a sad fact that despite of increasing awareness among public such incidents still happen. Parents are true guardians and protectors of their children and it is their moral responsibility to show right direction instead of using harmful tactics.

Source: Arab News

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