Friday, April 22, 2016

Local Custom of Washing Hands of Guests with Honey

Wealth and pomp is a blessing of God and should not be used for boosting or for looking others down upon. Many rich people or tribes in KSA feel themselves superior to others and try to make others feel inferior by showing them their wealth. A custom has become very common these days among few rich but non educated tribes of KSA that they wash their hands with honey and expensive oud perfumes. These perfumes are very expensive and is out of range of a common man. These tribes and few individuals serve their guests with honey and other expensive products for washing their hands and then upload these videos on social media websites in an attempt to make others feel deprived of such luxuries.

The common men have rejected these attempts and have made open criticism on these people who show off their wealth in order to prove them superior to other. Wealth, health and beauty is a gift of God. These things are worthy enough to be used and shared with others who can’t afford luxurious of life but showing them off to make others feel inferior is not a good approach and should be stopped immediately.  A video has gone viral in which a Saudi rich man has shown as washing his hands with honey and trying to show it as a luxury which he has and others can’t afford it on daily basis. Grave criticism has received on that video and people has rejected this custom. Religious scholars have also made comments on such kind of mentality as a big risk for a stable and healthy society where everyone feels being honored and valuable. Islam does not believe in wealth and caste discrimination.

The only superiority which is acceptable inside the territory of Islam is based on good virtues. It is a moral responsibility of every Muslim to reject such kind of acts in order to play their part in establishment of a healthy community and culture.  This behavior does not indicate a normal psychology of such individuals. No matter they have got huge wealth but showing off one’s wealth in such way seems disgusting and humiliating. Islam never allows such kind of childish tactics which can put others in trouble or make them feel inferior.

Sheikh Oweidh bin Saeed, a tribal chief while talking to media mentioned that this is not a tribal custom and has not roots linking to Islamic values. One should strictly avoid such practices and it should also be condemned on national level for creating awareness among public regarding rejection towards such kind of unreasonable tactics.

If few people have got huge wealth and status it is pretty fine to use it for their own benefits. They can also use it for wellbeing and luxury of their guests but showing it off in such way for making a comparison with others is a foolish attempt and should be condemned on every forum.

Source: Arab News

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