Saturday, April 30, 2016

Male Massage Centers with Female Staff under Heavy Raids

The Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi starts an investigating operation for the male massage centers having female staff. In this regard the DED already fined 5 centers for violating the laws. In Abu Dhabi the Department of Economic Development recently launched a comprehensive evening operation to investigate massage and relaxation centers. The purpose of this campaign is to have check on the activities of these centers and make it certain that these massage and relaxation centers follow only those commercial activities that are approved by the DED’s Business Centre in Abu Dhabi. Their commercial activities and commercial licenses and permits are regulated by the provisions of Law No. 02 of 2009 on the Establishment of Department of Economic Development and Resolution No. 25.

Director of Commercial Protection Directorate of Department of Economic Development named Ahmed Taresh Al Qubaisi stated that the department decided to launch this operation, because of number of complaints by the clients of these relaxation centers whether male or female but also the residents of the nearby people. Imposing fines on five centers is the result of these complains. The main reason of imposing fine is that these centers are not abiding by the rules set by DED such as it is not allowed to have women staff in the male centers to give body massage to the male clients and same is the situations in woman massage centers not having male staff. So the fines were imposed mostly because of the violation of these rules He added the Department of Economic Development takes those complaints and reports into consideration very seriously which are related to violation of regulations set by DED.

DED establishes an investigating procedure to make sure rapid performance and quality service. The department uses modern equipment, technologies and systems that save the time and effort of the investigating inspector. He can efficiently finalize or conclude the inspection procedures as soon as possible. The inspection procedure includes documenting information and evidence by electronic means and taking photographs on the spot. These instant pictures of the sites are directly fed into the inspection automatic system.

Al Qubaisi further stated that using men employees in women’s centers and vice-versa is mainly a serious violation and this issue should be addressed or fixed strictly. Many complaints we receive are about this issue. Basically it is totally against and opposite to the nature of the permit or licensed commercial activity given to these centers, which clearly stated whether they are for men or women. By giving detail Al Qubaisi further explained that at the end of last year, the DED closed 15 companies or business centers in Abu Dhabi that were proven guilty of breaking the rules and regulations that set by the department. Resolution No. 69 of 2010 on the amendment of the list of fines levied on commercial businesses in Abu Dhabi regulates the operational rules for these activities.

The complaints we get frequently are related to that there are males in women massage centers, and they are mostly those who do not come from outside but the residents of the same building in which the centers run. For the verification of such complaints, DED takes action by sending male and female inspectors often to such massage centers. These inspectors will take necessary action if the complaints are proved to be authenticated.

He said that these inspection visits by the DED had uncovered that some centers were not even certified or licensed by the DED to provide such massage services. The department imposed fines were imposed on these uncertified centers. He mentioned that such centers have just flourished and expanded. That is why, the Department of Economic Development will provide license to centers located within hotels of 4-star ratings and above and stop providing permits to any new centers in the state. Al Qubaisi further explained that the decision of the department in regard of closing and sealing the centers is final and no appeal could lie against its decision as they were completely found guilty in violating the nature of their licensed commercial activity. Abu Dhabi Business Centre is authorized to implement this decision of DED as of the date it was taken
Source: Emirates 24/7

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