Friday, April 1, 2016

Ministry punishes rude behavior of medical staff – How to report it?

Ministry of Health has penalized four government officials in a hospital due to their rude behavior with patients and rude acts. They have stopped practicing and are prohibited to continue their jobs until ministry will issue its further orders. The inquiry has initiated about them which will decide about their destiny. These official including two government doctors and two nurses were found treating patients rudely and in a humiliated way. The patients needed prompt response instead they were put on hold by these alleged officials and they did not explain patients medical issues they were facing. Their behavior caused disappointment among patients and resulted in mental torture.

The whole incident happened in a government hospital in Taif. Till now they are charged with huge fines and are suspended by Ministry of Health.  The disciplinary committee will give an opportunity to these officials to explain why they adopted such behavior and caused violation of disciplinary principles. The penalty on these officials is based on report presented by inspection team in the health region at the Directorate General of Health Affairs in Taif. The ministry after presentation of this report penalized these four officials and suspended them from their jobs. After this incident the inspection team has become more strict and efficient. Currently 20 health regions in KSA have inspection teams which not only monitor working habits of doctors and nurses but also keep an eye on condition of hospitals, facilities required and lab areas.

These inspection teams review implementation of policies and procedures and also help in maintenance of quality standards of medical practices. The quality of ambulance services, suitability of medic and para medics and efficiency of operation theaters are under close observation by these inspection teams.  Public and private both sectors have equal importance in providing quality services to patients. Private sector is a strategic partner of ministry of Health for providing health facilities to patients.  Even private sector hospitals are preferred by patients of chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer due to high quality services and availability of experts. Ministry of Health have appointed same inspection teams for reviewing their quality standards and behavior of medical staff with patients.

Health Minister Abdullah Al-Rabeeah has started a patients oriented plan back in 2012 which was known as “patients first”. Under this program specific guidelines were given to take care of patients in order to play a constructive role in their recovery process. The behavior of medical staff and availability medical facilities were core factors of this program. Another facility for patients during that time was opening of a free helpline for patients for filing complaints in case a patient suffers from irresponsible or rude attitude of medical staff.

The website welcomes complaints from patients and prompt actions are taken on these complaints. They can also fax their complaints to 0112124196. The inspection teams have reported violations against 30 medical complexes, 27 optical houses, 29 pharmacies, five physiotherapy and 15 polyclinics and closed them down. SR3.75 million has also received in lieu of fine from these medical units including SR1.98 million from pharmacies.

Source: Arab News

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