Monday, April 11, 2016

Nadia and Amirah — a woman’s lifelong quest to prove her daughter’s paternity

Amirah a daughter of an Egyptian mother has been striving hard since years to prove her paternity and Saudi nationality. In 1979 a Saudi man visited a small village in Egypt where he proposed a village girl named Nadia. The father of girl accepted the proposal and they two got married. Right after the marriage the man shortly returned back to KSA and his wife kept on waiting for him for years. During that period she gave birth to a daughter Amirah and came to KSA in order to find the father of her daughter.

After reaching KSA she was shocked to hear that her husband was no more in this world. She tried hard to convince the elder sons and family of her late husband that she was his wife and her daughter is their half-sister. The step sons of Nadia totally rejected her claim and called her fake. She filled a suit in civil court in order to confirm paternity of her daughter which later announced 2 years of imprisonment and fine for both mother and daughter for faking paternity of her daughter. The punishment kept pending on the final results of DNA test of Amirah.

After waiting for 9 years, Nadia filed divorce in court which granted her divorce for absentia and later she married to another Saudi man. While her stay in Egypt she enrolled her daughter in school which did not accept her stating that she has no proof of her paternity. Finding no way out, she requested her father to fake as father of her daughter so that she may get admission in school.

Half brothers and sisters of Amirah filled a suit against both mother and daughter that they are faking paternity of Amirah in order to get a share in property of their father. Despite of the confession of one of the elder sons of dead man that his father told him about his marriage in Egypt they did not accept her. Later the DNA test came out negative and court cancelled nationality of Amirah and deported her to Egypt. After completing her school Amirah got married to a Saudi man and still fighting for her paternity approval. She has given birth to three sons which are unable to get official ID’s due to pending certification of their mother’s paternity.

Amirah again filed a suit in court by presenting marriage certificate, pictures and other documentations of her parents’ marriage in Egypt but her half-brothers presented the paternity certificate of her under which she is daughter of his grandfather. This certificate proved that she is sister of Nadia instead of her daughter. The situation has become painful for Amirah who has been deprived from her identity since the time of her birth. She is still fighting and praying to God that her family may accept her so that her parents may not suffer from the same situation which she faced for years.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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