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Procedure to Transfer Money through Enjaz Remittance

Albilad Bank in Saudi Arabia offers money transfer service internationally and locally both. The remittance service of the Albilad Bank is called ENJAZ. The exchange rates proposed by ENJAZ allow its customers to take full advantage and increase their profits through foreign exchange. Enjaz simply accessible aspects made it easy for the expatriates to transfer their salaries or money to their home country. Enjaz is an Easy money transfer facility which has very economical and cheap bank exchange rates especially for the Asian countries like, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and other countries including Philippines, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Indonesia, Nepal, Egypt and Bahrain. In order to transfer your hard earned money to your home country using Enjaz Remittance Service, you will have to follow the following procedure.

  1. First of all you will have to open an account with Enjaz Remittance Service. In order to register for Enjaz account, residents and expats have to visit nearest Enjaz center and provide their identity card or iqama known as Muqeem card now. Muqeem card is a residential permit for expatriates. Muqeem is the identity card only for the expatriates. It is necessary for the expats to keeps this card all the time because without it they may not be able to do anything in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Enjaz services are available 12 hours a day throughout the year. Working time will be 8 am to 8 pm daily. Friday and Ramadan timing will be 1PM to 8PM. Timings of different centers would be change from others.
  3. You can also transfer money using internet banking if you have an account with Bank Albilad. However, for the first time you will have to visit Enjaz to add beneficiary.
  4. After getting registered with Enjaz account, you can transfer transfer your money to any other country by providing them required details of beneficiary bank account. Make sure you are carrying Enjaz Card as well as your valid iqama at the time of transferring money to your home country using Enjaz Service.
  5. Enjaz services are available 12 hours a day throughout the year. Working time will be 8 am to 8 pm daily. Friday and Ramadan timing will be 1PM to 8PM. Timings of different centers would be change from others.
  6. These money transfer Centers will exchange your Saudi Riyals to your homeland currency to transfer them into your bank account. It will take one working day to transfer your amount in your bank account. These remittance centers charge 16 Saudi riyals for this service.
  7. Other than transferring money through bank, you can also send money to the home land through western union. Enjaz Bank in Saudi Arabia is affiliated with Western Union, global money transfer association. Western Union is the best choice if your dear ones do not have any bank account. You can transfer money anywhere in the world by just giving the details about of the person to whom you want to send money such as their names etc. You will get secret and unique code number which you have to tell to recipient. The beneficiary will get the money by showing his identity proofs such as his name and also provide the unique number. Every transaction that is made through western union have the transaction fee of Enjaz is Saudi Riyals 25.
  8. Enjaz Bank Saudi also made it possible to transfer money within Saudi Arabia even if you don’t have any bank account. The procedure is very simple just to transfer money to the receiver from one Enjaz money transfer center to other.
  9. Indians can open Non Resident Indian Bank account in Saudi Arabia. They can open bank account in India while you are residing in Gulf, Saudi Arabia or any other country. Now days, almost all banks are providing NRI services for their clients. Every bank is trying that NRI will open account in their bank by providing their full facilities and support. But many banks will only accept the NRI application if you visit the home country area office. Some banks like HDFC, HSBC, and ICICI are opening bank accounts without visiting home country office.
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