Friday, April 1, 2016

Research papers are on Sale @ SR 3,000 / Thesis

Education standard has risen much more in modern era with an evident increase in literacy rate in KSA. Students of national and international universities in Kingdom are now educated on high quality standards. Report writing and research work is the basic requirement for higher education levels which enable students to have an exposure of practical work along with bookish knowledge. It has seen openly that there are so many dealers and companies who offer online work on behalf of other students. Those students who get admission in these international universities are further unable to do report writing and research work on their own. These companies take their assignments and provide them readymade work on a set amount of money.

This fact has been contributing for demolishing standard of quality education and students are getting illegal degrees which they have just purchased not earned. It is a big threat as these quacks cause much disaster to society and economy, when they become part of big organizations on the basis of these prestigious degrees.  If you ever visit King Abdulaziz or any other big University, you can see many pamphlets in surrounding which offer research paper and report writing services on reasonable amount of money i.e. SR 3000. It seems a shortcut for students to get passing grades and this trend has taken a great importance for these weak students. These advertisements apparently offer assistance in writing research paper as if they are tutors but actually they provide already written working papers.

It is a questionable fact and Saudi ministry of education needs to take strict action against it. Students these days don’t even consider it wrong to get outside help for completing their own work which will lead to their degree acquirement. This fact depicts the flaws in integrity of degrees of even well know universities. Saudi Gazette interviewed many of such people who mentioned that they have been working in this field for several years without any difficulty. They offer help in research papers and doctoral thesis and had started it before in Jordan where they kept on assisting student for completion of their research papers for long time.

Due to increasing trend of university education in KSA, it is a good scope of work for these people here. They are of the view that we proofread students work and help them arranging their chapters for research work of doctoral students. It is not cheating according to them, rather a healthy assistance for weak students.  It is all about unawareness issues and lack of proper check on educational processes by teacher and university management.

According to US universities, intervention for completion of research work of any student from outside is considered as illegal act. Ministry of Education needs to set strict supervision checks in order to avoid all this. Foreign education culture and universities have built up a strict supervision system against research paper checking. KSA education systems also need major changes to avoid such kind of cheatings.

Source: Saudi Gazette
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