Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saudi Binladin group issues 50,000 Final Exit Visas to workers without final dues

All of us know about the poor financial condition of Saudi Binladin group. Most of the people, who are working in Saudi Binladin group, have been waiting for their salaries for many months. One of my friends has not received his salary from last 6 months but he has not discontinued going to his office. Saudi Binladin group has given them an option either to quit the job and transfer their sponsorship or just wait for the time when government releases payments to Saudi Binladin group so that they can pay to their employees. However, shocking news emerged in Saudi media today due to which I have to write this for you.

It has been reported that Saudi Binladin Group has issued final exit visa for their 50,000 workers and employees without paying them their overdue salaries and end of service benefits. These 50,000 employees have been given a deadline to leave the country as final exit visa has already been issued online with a deadline. It is really inhuman as employees who have not received salaries from last 6 months have taken loans to support their domestic expenses. Now, issuing final exit visa without settling their dues has caused more tension between workers and the company. There is another problem that most of the employees are not aware if the final exit visa has been issued on their Iqama. Recommended: How to check online if Final Exit has been issued on your Iqama?

Workers who have been issued with Final Exit Visas without settling their dues have started a protest in front of the Saudi Binladin offices. They are demanding their final dues before leaving the country which is their right. I have no idea about the amount of money which Saudi Binladin group will have to pay to these employees as final settlement and overdue salaries but even if it is SR 10,000 per employee, it becomes SR 500 million. Half a billion riyals is a huge amount for a company which could not pay salaries to most of its employees from last 6 months.

Employees are in really bad situation right now. If they leave the country without receiving their dues, there is a little hope of getting it in future. If they don’t leave the country and deadline of the final exit visa is passed, they will be in trouble again as they will be deported if caught by police. So what should one do in this situation?

I think in the current circumstances, these employees should get together a file a labor suit against the Saudi Binladin group for issuing final exit visa without paying them their dues. A labor suit filed by 50,000 people will not be taken lightly and labor office will take necessary actions to either extend the final exit visa deadline for the concerned employees or help them in finalizing their dues from Saudi Binladin group. It is important to mention here that the downfall of the Saudi Binladin group started with the crane incident in Makkah. Recommended: How Crane fell down in Makkah and took 111 lives and left 331 injured?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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