Tuesday, April 19, 2016

School Girl raped 3 different times by the expatriate School Bus Driver

Rape and molestation is the worst stigma faced by the world at large these days. Despite of strict punishments the rape and molestation cases have been increasing day by day which is an alarming situation. Recently an expatriate driver raped 11 years old girl three times after her school timing and got caught after third attempt. The expatriate driver had a criminal background still he was allowed to come back to Kingdom even after his finger prints were taken by security agencies to stop him against any further criminal activity. He took the girl with him after dropping all other girls on their stops in his house and molested her. He continued the same activity and raped her on 3 different occasions.

The investigation committee has taken him under custody after the statement of victim girl but the situation is still vague. How that is possible that an old man molested a sane girl three times but no one could even get a clue? It sounds so strange that the girl showed strange and fearful expressions but the school teacher and family of the girl could not understand the sensitivity of the situation. The driver sexually harassed the girl for three times but no one tried to inquire it from the girl that why she was sad or worried. Things are not that much crystal clear as there are number of people responsible in letting the victim girl’s future ruined. The ministry of education has not made any law for transportation of girls as they are not allowed to drive. For this problem, many families are forced to rely on non-trust worthy drivers which have bad intentions.

The girls working in different departments are also forced to travel with foreign or native unreliable drivers.  The responsibility lies on the shoulder of whole community including Ministry, parents and security agencies. We can’t only accuse or blame criminals. If they are getting an opportunity to make a crime, why would they let the chance go un-availed? The reaction reported on this incident by public was lukewarm and people did not give that much notice to this matter as it has become a common news these days.

The rape cases by bus drivers have become a common incident these days in KSA. Last year a 50 years old school driver raped a 5 years old nursery girl which can be the worst treatment with a small girl ever in this world. The incident even sounds so tragic. Another rape incident shattered the dignity of humanity when a bus driver raped 8 years old girl and threatened her that he will kill her in case she will share his crime with anyone.

The story does not end here. The rape crime has been increasing day by day which is an alarming situation. Ministry of education has to pay attention to this matter for safe travel of girls from school to homes by appointing female guards and installation of security cameras in buses.

 Source: Saudi Gazette

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