Monday, April 4, 2016

School Teacher bites a 5th Grade School Girl – can it be justified?

Teaching is a very noble profession which deserves respect and gratitude. Teaching methods have evolved widely with the passage of time. Teachers use different methods for a healthy punishment for those students who don’t respond carefully towards syllabus. A recent news from Kuwait has shocked everyone when a teacher bitten a female student. The father of fifth grade student reported media that the teacher of her daughter bitten her daughter just because she could not pass a test. The incident shocked everyone and parents protested against this wild method of punishing students.

It is not up to Kuwait only, a same kind of violating incident happened in KSA. A female teacher switched off AC of class room just because she wanted to punish students for their low grades. The female teacher justified this kind of cruel punishment by stating that she just turned off AC for few minutes and her intention was to listen the loud voices of students while reading. She did this when temperature outside was extremely hot. These kinds of punishments are inhuman and extremely ridiculous. It is not the only case, there are number of examples which may surprise you about the rivalry among teachers and students in KSA.

According to an authentic report, the rate of violation against teacher by students is 40%. The rate of violation between female teachers and female students is another case beside this 40%. Besides teacher violation, careless attitude of school management and bus drivers is another story. Last year a bus driver of private school forgot a student inside bus who was sleeping on seat. When he woke up and found himself stuck in bus, he died due to suffocation. The six years old Abdul Malik was student of 3rd grade in a private student. The parents of dead student accused school management of careless which led to the death of innocent student.

Teachers deserve respect and gratitude from students; on the other hand they have to be careful about their approach of treating students. Healthy punishment can boost the potential of student but the punishment tactics should not be cruel and inhuman. Students should also be careful in their conduct and attitude. There must be mutual respect and dignity in a student-teacher relationship. Parents have direct role to be played in establishment of a respectful link between students and teachers. Parents should teach their children that they should be respectful towards their teachers in any case. Home is the first classroom of any person and parents are primary teachers. A well-knitted society is based on healthy teachings of educated and well aware parents.

Besides a negative role, there are number of achievements which teachers of KSA have achieved in international and national contests. Nada Yahya Al-Abbas who is an elementary school won a gold medal in the Brussels Innova Exposition 2015 due to her exceptional and innovative teaching skills. Another gold medal has been won by the same teacher in Malaysia’s ITEX 2015 Expo for invention of plastic cell which detect the difference between a cancerous or non-cancerous cell.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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