Sunday, April 17, 2016

SR 5,000 fine on taxi drivers for charging extra fare from passengers

Taxi is commonly in use for transport in KSA now days. Passengers can easily call any taxi company to get the taxi at their desired times. The modern vehicles of taxi companies have installed latest GPS systems and fare calculation meter. Some taxi drivers offer individual services to passengers which have got license from ministry of transport. It has seen that several drivers are charging more to taxi passengers.  Due to increase in fuel prices, many drivers have found charging passengers more fares. This is strictly prohibited by ministry of transport and those drivers who are committing these crimes will be fined heavily.

Penalties for charging extra from passengers have set by ministry of transport. Warning has also been issued to all drivers not to follow what few violators are doing. The initial amount of penalty for drivers who are violating laws of fares is SR 500. The company or institution whose drivers will be caught charging extra from passengers will be issued a note containing warning.  In case a driver is found committing violation of same rule again, the penalty may reach up to SR 5,000. Traffic police has made it sure that all taxi drivers are charging to passengers according to the fare recorded on taximeters. Ministry of transport has made co-ordination with traffic police to hunt drivers who are not adhering to the fares given on taximeters.

 Recently drivers have increased taxi rates more than 60 %. On average, the increase in fare has been recorded from SR 15 to SR 25. The common argument of taxi drivers for justification of increase in taxi fare is recent increase in prices of fuel.  Traffic police has caught a driver Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi who is Saudi national and was charging extra fare from passengers. A Saudi national called Ministry of Transport in order to make a complaint that he was charged extra fares in lieu of increase in fuel prices.

It has become a common practice that taxi companies charge extra fares to passengers and simply give the excuse that government has increased the fuel charges. In order to save passengers from pain of extra charge traffic police has introduced a hotline (938) to make an immediate complaint at the spot if a taxi driver is trying to charge extra fare. The police attendant will ask you to chase your location and the police force at your nearest place will approach.

This service has been availed by many passengers and has helped a lot in controlling problem of overcharging by taxi drivers. Ministry has also incorporated taximeters which help in calculating accurate fares and save passengers from being charged with overcharging issues. It is moral responsibility of citizens to inform authorities regarding any issue of overcharging by taxi drivers.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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