Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Top 10 Countries which execute most number of people

  1. The most recent study conducted by the Amnesty International to determine the highest rate of executions carried out by various countries highlights the fact that top executions are carried out by China.  In China the capital punishment associated with the crimes including violent murder acts simply leads to execution of the criminals. The convicted prisoners who are sentenced to death are immediately taken to task as they are executed without any delay. The methods of executions have been developed with the requirement of the modern era including lethal injections, hanging, brutal beheading, shooting and electrocution. China is very determined about the implementation of the execution policies and death penalties as everyone is equal in the eyes of law, no matter to which class or status one belongs.  In the year 2015 a Chinese billionaire Liu Han was executed as he was charged for running a mafia style gang involved in assaults, thefts and murders.
  2. On the other hand, after China, Iran is the second top country that has the highest execution rate around the world. Iran remains in the second place as the highest number of drug related executions are carried out in the country. According to the latest survey, Iran executed 957 prisoners in the year 2015 and 289 in the year 2014.                                         
  3. Saudi Arabia takes the third ranking among the countries that are deadliest to carry out maximum number of executions. The Saudi death penalty policies are based according to the Islamic laws (shari’ah). The criminals accused of murders, rape, blasphemy, adultery and robbery are beheaded officially in front of the public rather than in private prisons. At least 157 executions were carried out in year 2015 in Saudi Arabia. According to the Saudi newspapers, the government officials and prosecutors in the country are trying to impose death penalty for the unwanted cases of increasing homosexuality.
  4. In fourth position on the chart is Iraq, where more than 61 criminals were sentenced to death and were executed in the year 2014. Iraq’s criminal justice system is very effective in terms of carrying out the executions as to counter the prevailing terrorism in the state.  In the year 2013 Iraq executed 177 people therefore it still remains the fourth country that has the highest number of executions.
  5. The fifth position is held by United States of America, where the strict death penalty enforces immediate executions of the criminals. According to Amnesty International 39 executions were carried out in the year 2013, 35 executions in the year 2014, preceded by 25 executions in the year 2015. 
  6. Sudan
  7. Yemen
  8. Egypt
  9. Jordon on the ninth rank carried out 11 executions
  10. Equatorial Guinea held the tenth position in the chart with 9 executions.
    • To great surprise Pakistan, Afghanistan and Taiwan are among the countries that carry out the least executions.

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