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Who lives in the Haunted Houses of Saudi Arabia?

There are experiential evidences of the presence of the Jinn in the Quran and Ahadith.  Houses are creepy and it is a belief of people living nearby, that these houses are chosen by Evils and Jinns to live in. Not a single person move to such haunted houses. There are lots of signs to find out whether the house is haunted or not such as usually by strange smells, having visions, hearing voices or feel like touched by someone. It is reported in a newspaper Al-Madinah, there are many vacant, damaged and broken-down buildings in the old housing areas in Jeddah. Some of these dilapidated buildings, which have been uninhibited for quite a lot of years, are believed to be occupied by jinn and evil spirits.

But the reality is totally opposite to that. These unoccupied damaged buildings have turn out to be a shelter for criminals or a place of ill repute. The newspaper further reported that lots of people who are residing near these buildings have strongly demanded from officials to take serious measures to demolish and bulldoze these buildings. A number of buildings have remained abandoned for over 10 years. Some of them are offered to non-Saudis as a cheap place to live. They could not afford to live anywhere else due to on low incomes. The native inhabitants believed that especially after midnight, many of these old buildings have been converted into dens for criminals and for those who are involved in other corrupt and immoral activities.

The newspaper took reviews of so many people regarding this matter. Fahd Banafie, a Saudi national living in South Jeddah. His house is nearby an abandoned building. He said the existence of such buildings is a serious danger to native people living in the locality. He stated that at night while walking through the street, if you come across the house, you would easily get a hint about what is going on inside the building. You can also dirty smell of drugs coming out of the house. Inside the house, you can see leftovers of drugs and Syringes and needles used by the addicts to inject drugs. Fahd told the newspaper while sharing his experience. He said that One day when I was going for a morning prayer to the mosque; I saw some boys who were totally drunk coming out of the house and can barely walk while moving shakily forward through the road. People living in the locality do not allow their children to go out, particularly in the evening.”

He further added that such incidents were happen on a regular basis. Another citizen living in Jeddah Abdullah Baadeem said that an abandoned building adjacent to his house is a place to hide for convicts and those who are involved in immoral activities. He commended the local officials to annihilate the building. Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amri is a researcher in the field. While discussing about the stories that jinns evil spirits occupy unoccupied buildings, he stated that there are two forms of circumstances.

“In the first case, evil may numerous in those houses or places where no one recites the names of Allah for 40 days. Secondly, jinns may inhabit those houses which are vacant for almost 10 years or more. He also quotes some cases of Tabuk where devils and jinns believably occupied some abandoned houses. While talking to the newspaper, Jeddah police spokesperson Brig. Gen. Misfar Al-Juaid said that on duty units of police, particularly trained forces from the criminal investigation department, have been searching such building on regular basis to cleanse the society from these criminals and people involved in immoral actions.

He said that it is also the moral duty of the Owners of such buildings and the people living nearby to inform police in case of any suspicious activity they notice in their surroundings. Culprits, narcotics addict and late night stayers choose these buildings to hide and do for their unlawful and prohibited acts. Another officer from Civil Defense works as director in Jeddah Brig. Gen. Abdullah Jadawi, said there is a board which supervise the abandoned and broken-down buildings under the management of the local municipal authority of Jeddah. The municipality with the help of the security squads is carefully observing these buildings to reach to a conclusion whether these buildings are to be destroyed or not. The commission then gives in the report to the concerned branch in municipality department. Then the municipality department takes proper action. The Civil Defense monitoring is these buildings on these both grounds, their safety as well as their security. He added. Stating further he said that in last Ramadan a decayed body was found inside a vacant house in Kilo 7.
Source: Arab News

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