Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Housemaids should not be allowed to use mobile phones?

With the advancement in information technology the use of communication gadgets have become very common. It is a common thing to have smart phone these days no matter it is with a teenager, a peon or a maid. The phone has nothing to do with the class, age and designation of a person. Parents openly allow their teenager children to access internet and social media platforms. The increasing trend of smart phone in KSA has forced employers to allow maids to have cell phones. Some employers provide phone to these expat and local maids by their own. The feedback taken from these employers regarding possession of smart and cell phone by these maids is comprised of mixed point of views. Some consider it bad for society and for the job of maid. Others think that maids have equal right to communicate with their families at any time; they can’t be enslaved so they can keep cell phones while they are on their jobs. 

Whatever point of view these employers and housewives have about cell phone availability to these maids, they have to allow them for this facility otherwise they lose their maids. A Saudi teacher Kholoud Alturki when asked about the feasibility of this issue, she has a Kenyan maid. The teacher declared it her right to keep cell phone as no one can keep her away from modern means of communication as it is her inherent right. She further mentioned that her maid is her server not her slave. Another woman Maryam Rubi, who is working as private employee said the same thing that she believes in securing right of her maid. She thinks that her maid deserves same kind of freedom as she has.

According to her if employers will bound maid of keeping cell phone, she will put her negative thoughts, frustrations and anger on the child whom she is taking care. Unlike these women, some other Saudi women consider it a bad attempt to let maids keep cell phones. According to them it can be a big threat to their safety and these maids may not put their complete attention on their work. According to them maids have equal right to communicate to their families but they can do so on weekend or twice a week.

Mobile phone availability for maids 24/7 hours is a worthless and harmful practice. Still these employers are helpless to take away phone of these maids as they think it may lead to job turnover of maid. Maids said about this issue that cell phones don’t impact their performance while they are on work.

They can communicate with their families without any delay. It leads to more focus on work as they feel relieved and entertained by keeping touch with their friends and family on social media platforms such as fb and WhatsApp. It is a wrong perception in their views that cell phone can create security threats for employers.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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