Saturday, April 23, 2016

‘I Wish I could stay at Grand Mosque forever’ - Ahmed Al-Qairawani

The biggest dream in the life of a true Muslim is to visit Grand Mosque and Masjid e Nabawi S.A.W. during healthier periods of their life. Most people visit Grand mosque during last years of their life. But these days trend has been changed. Even youngsters are more curious to visit Holy mosque and perform all rituals with dedication and enthusiasm. Holy pilgrimage and Umrah is considered as blessing by true Muslims and they consider it as a call from Allah’s house for the holy visit. It is common perception that money, resources or anything else does not work, but the only thing which makes possible the visit of a Muslim to Holy Mosque is Allah’s will for that person to get this honor.  If one visits the Holy mosque, he can meet many foreigners who come to Makkah just to see the Grand mosque and for offering prayers there. The emotions of those people are inexpressible. They feel it deep inside their heart and make prayers with enthusiasm and dedication.

A visitor Ahmed Al-Qairawani shared his experience of visiting holy mosque. He was burst into tears and expressed his true emotions and feelings when he first saw Holy Kabba in front of him. It was dream come true of Al-Qairawani when he reached the Grand mosque and started weeping bitterly standing infront of Kabba. First he started moving around Kabba joining other pilgrims with raised hands for thanking God for such a big honor that he called him to visit his house. It was the biggest desire of Al-Qairawani to visit the Holy Mosque before death and he was not sure that he will be able to fulfill the heartiest desire of his life. Still he was hopeful and had believe in Allah’s mercy which finally took him to Holy Mosque.

He made Tawaf, and then stood near the black stone and saw Abraham shrine for the very first time in his life. He expressed it as the most precious moment of his life and wished that if he could stay in the Grand mosque forever. He was not only mesmerized by the beauty of the holy mosque but also admired the huge expansion of the holy mosques in Makkah and in Madinah.

The most impressive thing according to Al-Qairawani is the expansion of Mataf which has helped the pilgrims a lot in making Tawaf around Kabba. He admired the arrangements made by Saudi government for facilitation of Pilgrims and mentioned that it is the best example for management of any huge crowd ever in world.

Al-Qairawani made a long stay in Madinah where he visited Holy Mosque of Prophet (PBUH) and paid his salam to him. After visiting it, he also made a round to King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Qur’an and Islamic and historical places and mosques. While moving back to his country he expressed his happiness for his dream coming true of visiting Grand mosque.

Source: Arab News

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