Thursday, May 12, 2016

6 reasons you can have Yellow or Pale Hands

Due to the present environmental changes, discoloration of the skin has become a common issue. Many people nowadays experience patches or uneven skin tones on hands, face and other parts of the body. There are a number of causes that give birth to discoloration of the skin. The reason may be minor, related to over consumption of vitamins to indication of some serious major disease. For example: un-balanced diet, poor nutrition, long illness treatment and use of supplements. The discoloration in many cases remains confined to hands causing a condition known as Yellow Hands. In this article we will discuss the causes and treatment that can help to treat Yellow hands along with the help of your doctor’s advice. Causes of Yellow or Pale Hands are following;

6 reasons you can have Yellow or Pale Hands
  1. The vitamin B and Beta Carotene are the two antioxidants which are responsible for the body’s defense mechanism. Excessive use of dietary products leads to hyper-carotenemia   or carotenemia. Excessive consumption of Foods rich in Beta-Carotene may lead to this discoloration. For example: Spinach, Oranges, Carrots, Sweet potatoes, and squash. According to the latest research eating three, eight inches carrot daily of 20mg of Beta Carotene causes excessive skin pigmentation. This type of pigmentation can also be seen in anorexic patient.  Enzymatic or metabolic effect is rarely the cause. In hyper carotenemia, the skin color changes to yellow or yellowish orange specially the skin of hands. The discoloration might be very slight or very intense depending upon the condition. Eating too many vegetables (the ones mentioned above) lead to Hyper Carotenemia. Sometimes even the stools appear yellowish.
  2. Jaundice is also a very common cause of yellow hands. It is a disease which indicates serious illness requiring doctor’s evaluation. The metabolic product, Bilirubin builds up in the body and then is deposited in the skin leading to yellowish discoloration. The reason might be underlying hepatitis, alcohol consumption, viral infection or any other. Not only the hands but the tongue may also show yellowish discoloration with weight loss, weakness and fever.
  3. Diabetes results in various types of metabolic derangements in body. It is also one of the causes why some people face discoloration of skin specially hands yellow in color and giving wax like appearance.
  4. Diseases of liver like malaria, gallstones or parasitic infections also results in yellow hands and yellow eyes.
  5. Prolonged contact with TNT (trinitrotoluene) which is used in fire crackers can cause yellow hands.
  6. Sometimes the yellow hand discoloration limits itself to nails only. Slow growing nails may show yellow appearance due to some respiratory disorders
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