Sunday, May 29, 2016

6 Side Effects of not drinking enough water

Water is one of the essential ingredients to live a healthy and safe life. In case water intake is not enough, it may cause several issues for a person including healthy, hygiene and beauty problems. Human body can resist food deficiency up to a month in extreme cases but in case water intake has ended it may cause collapse of human body after one day. The effects of less water intake cause following issues in human body.

Daily requirement for water intake: The daily water intake requirement varies in different situations and weathers. In normal conditions, 8 glasses of water should be taken by a healthy person which makes up 8 oz. According to expert opinion, men should intake 3 liters/13 cups water and female should drink 2.2 liters/9 cups on daily basis. Along with water intake, people should focus on eating green vegetables and leafy stuff including watery vegetables and soups. In case of hot water a person should intake more water. During or after a physical activity including exercise water intake has to be more than normal level. Those who have urinary infection or women who are pregnant or breastfeed their kids should also be careful about their water intake more than normal persons.

  1. Dehydration: Dehydration is the foremost impact of less water intake on human body. It causes reduction in oxygen level which facilitates in enough functioning of body organs including heart, kidney and liver. Oxygen is the most essential thing for survival of body and water is a rich source of oxygen. It also impacts safe disposal of waste products in human body.
  2. Stomach Ulcers: The Mucosal lining consists of 98% water and 2% sodium bicarbonate. Water intake helps in enough digestion of food and keeps the stomach protected by neutralizing the digestive acids in stomach. In case water intake lowers down, it increases the impact of acids in stomach and causes different kinds of ulcers and heartburn. 
  3. Chemical Imbalance: Hormonal and chemical balance is essential for enough functioning of body. Chemical balance is regulated in body with the help of water. In case water intake is not enough, it may cause chemical imbalance which further leads to several other problems in body including improper functioning of organs and disturbed stomach.
  4. Digestive Problems: Constipation and other digestive problems happen mostly due to deficiency of water in body. In order to regulate bowel motion, it is necessary to intake plenty of water. Enough water is necessary to avoid weight gain and constipation issues.
  5. Muscle issues: Body muscles require huge amount of water intake as they are composed of water and need plenty of water for smooth regulation of muscles. It is essential to intake plenty of water during, before and after exercise as muscles require more water in such situations. Otherwise it may cause fatigue or muscle contraction.
  6. Aging: Smooth and fresh skin needs plenty of water. In case water intake reduces, it directly impacts glow and smoothness of skin. Aging process starts rapidly in case water intake is not properly maintained.
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