Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Pakistani woman’s 35 Years long struggle for Saudi Nationality

The marriages in KSA where a mother or father is not Saudi residents often leads to mysterious and tough circumstances for children. Often such children are deprived from their official identity and face severe issues due to lack of their biological and official identity. A same case happened when a Pakistani woman married a Saudi man 35 years ago and came in Kingdom to stay with her husband. The marriage blessed couple with a baby girl who was supposed to have Saudi nationality as her father is Saudi. Due to some mysterious circumstance the marriage ended right after birth of baby girl and her mother left KSA secretly.

The real cause of divorce and reason behind secret evacuation of Pakistani woman are still unknown. She took her daughter with her Pakistan without her official identity documents which could prove her Saudi identity. Later the Pakistani woman got married again in Pakistan but her Saudi daughter was still not attributable to her Saudi former husband. Now the Saudi national Pakistani girl came back to KSA in order to get her Saudi identity but could not provide excuse due to silence of her mother regarding truth which caused her mother to leave the Kingdom secretly. She mentioned that she was kept away from truth for 35 years of her life due to which she faced so many issues regarding her real identity and nationality.  Mariam tried to convince Saudi court and officials to take her DNA test for approval of her paternity with Saudi man.

After she filed a petition in Saudi Judicial council in a personal status department she received a confirmation order by court which ordered her father to carry on DNA test in order to prove her real identity. After DNA test, it has been proved that Mariam is a Saudi native and her father is a Saudi man.  Mariam lately expressed her grief and pain which she borne during 35 years of her life when she was kept away from her father where she lived an identity less life. She blamed her mother her miseries and pain and the time she spent away from her father and her native country.

She is expecting to get her national identity soon which will end her problems. She faced so many issues due to her vague identity regarding financial and social assistance from several government and public departments. As she is a mother of two children now, she need identification even more than past. The identity and registration of her children is also affected due to complications in her registration documents.

Her claim for Saudi nationality is still pending in Saudi court in Makkah but she has got confirmation regarding her DNA test match with her father DNA. It has completed a milestone in confirmation of her identity as Saudi National. Mariam is hopeful that now her worries and pain which she went through for 35 years of her life would be over soon.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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